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Dialoguing our way from divergent views to convergence is the way

by Tondo
25 Aug 2020 at 18:11hrs | Views
The evil one was cast from his exalted state above for allowing pride make him think he could get it by force. And, what happened, he came down with a deafening thud ensconced in gigantic humiliation.

Pride and insatiable desire for power have made some among us throw all caution to the wind, with great prejudice to the commoners and the majority poor, mere laity. We have world standard conference rooms, five star hotels and so on, why not join hands with the incumbency and speak with one voice from the same pedestal? Much to the joy of all Zimboz as Zimboz.

Dialoguing our way out of divergent views to a convergence point and ultimately lasting peace. Do we really need a third party to help us discuss what we know, much like hiring consultancy to show you how 'accounting' is done?

Polad is the platform, time is running out and the economy is bleeding, why the procrastination? Those agitating and calling for demos are only worsening our already precarious situation. Should we all bend to the whims of a few on a foreign payroll?

Why not sit down and iron out the pleated points on the fabric of disagreements?

This is the only Zimbabwe we have, our only God given home. Our country is potentially very rich, we want to live today not only exist but live abundant life as envisaged by the Creator. If it's about democracy, why then the impatience?

Pursuading the majority for that elusive vote is the way to go and the time to start is 'yesterday'.

Those ragged masses perched in the rugged countryside wield titanic power. They may be voiceless today but come the blebiscite, their deep baritone voice reverberates nation wide.

Tondo. Mash. Central.

Source - Tondo
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