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Zanu-PF comedians

27 Aug 2020 at 13:32hrs | Views
In March this year the governing party appointed a young man into the position of Director of Information. Tafadzwa Mugwadi, a holder of a BSc in Political Science and a MSc in Finance in International Relations from the UZ had hitherto enjoyed a relatively obscure career at Zimpapers. Suddenly he was thrown into the big game by the new dispensation desperate for young blood and maybe new ideas.

Simon Khaya Moyo the party spokesperson has been missing in action recently and Patrick Chinamasa is acting in the position. On the government side, the compromise appointee Monica Mutsvangwa is the spokesperson. Monica was appointed to appease her motormouth and unpredictable husband Chris Mutsvangwa who was instrumental in the deposition of Robert Mugabe. But because of his unpredictable and volatile nature he was considered too risky even by zanu standards for a cabinet appointment. So they settled on the wife to placate him.

This trio has of late treated the world of media and information studies to a study in indiscretion, comics and desperate damage control. All with disastrous results, embarrassment of their bosses and a confirmation of the crisis in Zimbabwe which Zanu is denying and desperately trying to sweep under the carpet.

Chinamasa blasted the ANC duo of Ace Magashula and Lindiwe Zulu. He all but exposed the lie that there are cordial historic relations between the two parties dating back to the liberation struggle days. The relationship that exists is premised on the corrupt protection of governing parties within Regional and Continental bodies SADC and AU. These relations are to fight off imagined neo colonial machinations of the West while giving up the continent to Chinese Colonialism. Nkrumah, when coming up with the Continental body said leaders should beware of turning the body into a mafia that protects the oppression of the African people by their leaders in the name of patriotism. The current crop in SADC has managed to do just that with distinction. Thus zanu frothes at the mouth at any government or party that dares call it out.

Not to be outdone Monica Mutsvangwa berated the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference when they rightly voiced their concerns at the escalating human rights violations in the country. Human rights are not limited to police brutality only. But extend to lack of social services such as clean water, health care, employment and education. All of which are scarce in Zimbabwe. Instead she chose to insult a member of the Bishops Conference on his ethnicity. Needless to say the world stood with the Bishops and it was left to Foreign Affairs Minister SB Moyo to attempt damage control. Even then the attempt reeked of an arrogant regime outraged that its sovereign entitlement of brutalizing the country's citizens had been called to account by an increasingly vocal world and region.

The new boy Tafadzwa, obviously seeking to impress his bosses and maybe be considered for cabinet appointment decided to jump into the ring and speak out. Rarely have we been treated to such immature, inconsiderate and inflammatory rhetoric by a PR officer of a governing party. Tafadzwa told a fellow panelist to 'f*** off' during a live prime time discussion. Seeking to redeem himself he then requested a chance to be heard again. SABC, with an eye on ratings, invited him  again to be part of a panel including experienced Jealousy Mawarire of NPF and exiled Josphat Mzaca Ngulube with his niece Noxolo Maphosa who survived a kidnap and torture ordeal at the hands of state agents.

Mugwadi smirked and sneered the whole interview and failed to justify himself or even his employers. If, before yesterday,  there was any doubt to the existence of a crisis in Zimbabwe Tafadzwa put those doubts to rest. His arrogant and insensitive nature asssured everyone who tuned in that there indeed is a crisis in Zimbabwe. A crisis caused by an arrogant regime. A bully in the region that has been caught out.
 And in the nature of all bullies,who are cowards, the regime is hiding behind bluster and denial. The regime is pointing its dirty fingers in all directions seeking to divert attention from its indiscretions.

Let's hope SK Moyo remains wherever he is so that the Three Masquerades continue to expose themselves and their party.

Patrick Gabavu
ZAPU Director of Information Southern Region

Source - Patrick Gabavu
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