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#ThisFlag: Pastor Evan Mawarire duped us into his Mnangagwa project: Man of God please do not play around with our pain!

31 Aug 2020 at 20:19hrs | Views
When Pastor Mawarire sparked life in our desperation for change in Zimbabwe, we were excited and excitable at the same time. The nation supported and believed in Mawarire in the sense of his hold words and more so that he was an anointed pastor, a man of God. The flag roused our emotions and millions of citizens believed in this man, his eloquence and intellect made us believe that our Mandela is born. I confess that I bought the Zimbabwe flag just to be part of this great movement, albeit on cyber space. Mawarire was articulating hope and change in our lifetime. We went wild, wrote dozens of articles in support of this great young man, we thought he had the gut to stand against mighty Mugabe despotic regime.

Its not even a month ago, Jonathan Moyo drops the bomb tells us as a matter of fact, Pastor Evan Mawarire was a project, an implant of Mnangagwa. Mawarire was Mnangagwa's plan B born at the height of the Lacoste/G-40 purges that caused the military coup in Zimbabwe. I have no reason to doubt these facts from Jonathan Moyo, a good source of information. He was in the Mugabe government since the beginning of this Millennium. He has been working with Mnangagwa for an exceptionally long time, what some of us from Matabeleland region did not understand the mutual connection between the two: Jonathan and Emmerson. It was revealed today in Bulawayo 24 that Perrance Shiri and Emmerson Mnangagwa murdered u Baba uMlevu cold blood by telling him to dig his grave. Who is going to believe Jonathan today if he came up with a different version of why he worked so hard in Zanu together with Mnangagwa?

We waited for a while to give Pastor Mawarire time to respond and tell the nation his position regarding accusations that he was a project of Mnangagwa. So far, Mawarire has not said a word, said nothing. Nothing! It means we have been duped by this man of god into following his movement like sheep for slaughter, personally feel cheated by Mawarire, blindly followed a man who was capable working with criminals to feed his own family. Mawarire knows how dirty, criminal, thuggish Mnangagwa is. He knows too how many people he has put to death, killed cold blood by Emmerson Mnangagwa and his former master Robert Mugabe. We can now say that pastor Mawarire's hands are full of blood just by association with a killer of the likes of Mnangagwa. Where is Itai Dzamara? How did he meet his death, the Zanu Style we know?

So many issues that were not clear to us then are crystal clear now. He was arrested and was charged with treason. Under Mugabe regime back then, he was going to vanish in the same way Itai Dzamara disappeared to no return. Why did he survive? Why was he cleared of all charges of treasonous character? The Judge who declared Pastor Evan Mawarire was Justice Priscilla Chigumba. It was organised behind our backs that he will be set free. He and his family had to leave the country because there was another arm of the government that wanted Mawarire eliminated: the CIO. I did not understand his coming back after a short stay in the USA, but we still believed him all the same. I personally wrote dozens of articles encouraging him to stand by his people, he could have answers for this great country.

Now that we know that we have been used by this man of god, what political organisation are we to trust if we cannot trust Evan Mawarire. When the military coup took place in 2017, the people were used by the army to cover up false and cynical reasons why the coup was necessary. The world at large accepted the reasons given by Zimbabwe army because the people were behind the coup. We press fast forward and we realized that we were indeed used by this government in various forms and events. Now the previous demonstration of July was widely spoken about by Gharivhume that the army supported the demonstration. We were warned by good people this time around never to go out and demonstrate because there are criminals surrounding Mnangagwa who have organised this demonstration. The infighting in the current government and Zanu is spilling out for all to see.

We must be clever now and begin to identify individuals, organisations, even political ones: who is an implant, who is supping with the devil Zanu? Who is weakening the opposition? Who is selling the nation for pieces of silver? Pastor Evan Mawarire must come clean and tell us why he duped us to be part of Mnangagwa project. We have Thokozani Khuphe and her henchman Mwonzorwa/Phugheni Khaliphani, its high time they stopped politics of the stomach. You cannot sell the whole nation by playing dirty politics so glaringly and without a single trace of shame. Who in the army and Zanu worked with Gharivhume to organise the demonstration? He gave an interview before he was arrested that he was given a go-ahead from the army to organize the demo.

The MDC-Alliance opposition has become very weak. By the scheme of things they will be banned soon, and Thokozani Khuphe's MDC-T will be recognised as the legally accepted opposition leader and other opposition parties will be banned: we can see this coming. Thokozani cooperates with Zanu so shameful, we wonder still how she manages a sleep for selling the nation so obvious by supping with the devil, thugs, criminals, and murderers. Yes, Chamisa made a big mistake by taking the leadership of the MDC-T unconstitutionally. Thokozani should have done better than Chamisa by showing "little Chamisa" values and principles. After that court ruling in her favour, her political decisions should have been better and smarter. She lost it to outsmart Chamisa by not showing maturity in political discourses and she cannot rely on Zanu as her political lifeline. Political issues are not squared up as if we are dealing with personal tit-for-tat.  

The people of Zimbabwe are in total disarray. We really do not know who to trust now. Who is demonstrating to get his/her cause realized? Who is demonstrating clandestinely to get press attention for his/her cause? Does the USA embassy know that Pastor Mawarire was given a false asylum in America? We are really in muddy waters and we really do not know how we are going to rid ourselves of Zanu PF. As for Pastor Mawarire, I can say your God will deal with you. We have no words to describe your sinful intentions towards the nation. God will deal with you accordingly and will execute HIS/HER justice upon you. But you must remember always there is a special place in hell for people like you who sell the nation for thirty pieces of silver.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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