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The tipping point

02 Sep 2020 at 16:49hrs | Views
When we reach that tipping point, we feel we are loosing it. We feel hopeless, we feel life has reached its end. We feel like it is now a matter of days. We feel we are being chocked, we can't breathe. We even feel empty and powerless. We can't even think of the future let alone what the next day has install for us. We feel consumed by the world's unfair treatment upon us. We wake up everyday with a belief that things could change as we dream everyday of a better tomorrow but reality kicks in once we open those doors. Our energy drops to the knees, hope seems just like a dream that may never come true.

We have cried out loud and even louder for our friends and for the world to hear us. Our brothers and sisters have tried to stand up and fight verbally and even used the very amicable calls for the leaders  draining our energy, our hopes, our life's watery blood to stop and hear our plea. The little voice of courage whistles deep down in all of us, do we dare to listen to it or shall we continue to ignore it at this very height of our trial. The triumph belongs to us but only if we are courageous enough to listen to that voice. That call to stand up and defend our country's dignity from the looters, from the abusers, from the abductors, the nepotists, the dictators.  We can all look and let them pour water on the last flames of our dignity and hope or we stand up and continue the march to freedom.

As if they have not done enough damage, Mthuli Ncube, the messenger now informs us that they will take back that heritage of ours and give it to those that suffocated us. The land belongs to us and it is our right and no-one should take it from us again. Not in this era. Now they are trying to cross a crocodile-infested river on a thin wire. Zimbabwe cannot be taken at ramson like that. We, the Zimbabweans, cannot be tossed up and down like that.

As if that were enough, now we hear they are also selling our treasure to the chinese. The Hwange National Park , is a national treasure that cannot be trashed into a mining ground. What else are they planning? These people are here to destroy our country and loot as much as they came. We have to stand up, we have to speak out, we have to stop this madness. Zimbabwe deserves better.

It is time to listen to that little voice of courage and join the likes of Jacob, Hopewell, Job, the Catholic Bishops and others to stand up for us and our lovely nation. Together We Can


Source - Dr. Takesure Tazvishaya
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