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If Jonathan Moyo's advice is premised on "cut yangu yakamira sei" in the future dispensation, then this country is in for a joke

04 Sep 2020 at 20:22hrs | Views
Listening to the lecture Jonathan Moyo gave in last week one-hour video now circulating in the social media, it felt sick in the pit of the stomach. It is for this reason one must be careful what social media one is consuming: where do we get genuine, accurate information about the way forward in this country. However, I am of the opinion that Jonathan is not genuine in Zimbabwe politics: His charisma and eloquent intellectual capacity can mislead intellectuals and his advice is self-serving.   

We were warming up with Professor Mandaza's NTA suggestion as the way forward: the inevitable collapse of Zanu PF regime is coming. An NTA is, according to Ibbo, an interim administration that will give the country a much-needed relief in a poisonous playing field. New players will come in, experts who are none political, who will use their expertise to lift this bankrupt economy to a good functional administration. We have a lot of technocrats; we have identified them time and again. Jonathan is shooting down such suggestion because he does not see his role in this NTA, an NTA constituting only experts: technocrats and NOT political scientist?

The collapse of Zanu PF regime develops a power void that cannot immediately be occupied by MDC-Alliance as this will destabilize the nation. I understood Mandaza's NTA as an interim that will allow all parties to rebrand, and again it is an opportunity for the country to get the reforms done so that the elections, (as one of the reforms) guarantee a free and fair space for all. This will give this country the opportunity for the NTA to engage international community: UN, AU, SADC, EU UK, and the Commonwealth. Debt relief will be offered if we have a credible administration run by eminent people like Nkosana Moyo and several others of his calibre: I am convinced he has his people in place. Nkosana had the best manifesto in the last elections. The best opportunity for him is to lead an NTA for about three years and clean up the economic mess left by Zanu dismal failures of decades.

How does Jonathan Moyo crush this NTA idea as a non-starter?

SADC and South Africa are intervening because they are directly affected by the decaying government of Zanu PF and economic collapse. There are millions of Zimbabweans in South Africa and there will be millions crossing the river running away from political prosecution and loss of existential means: lack of sustainable solution in this region can plunge into  serious economic and political disability of unprecedented levels. For Jonathan Moyo to give "strategic solutions" that surpasses South Africa and SADC is a suggestion should never be entertained by those who demand sustainable solutions to Zimbabwe crisis.

It is inconceivable that Chamisa and MDC-Alliance can get advice from Jonathan Moyo, a once upon a time arc enemy of MDC opposition. He criticized Richard Morgen Tsvangirai even personally and had no kind critiques about him. The times must be hard for Chamisa to engage him and trust his advice: a man who has be politically bedding Zanu PF for 17 years. He is purged by the very criminals he was supping with for almost two decades, he could have been harmed during the coup. Is he genuine in giving advice to Chamisa? Has the MDC-Alliance ever asked those pertinent questions about his sincerity? Jonathan is giving advice that reveals his intention for the future dispensation. Dismissing Mandaza's NTA is because he sees no future for himself in the coming dispensation. Jonathan's politics has always served himself to the extent of overlooking the atrocities Mugabe Gukurahundists committed in this region of Matabeleland: purges that systematically murdered u Baba uMlevu and thousands of Ndebele speaking.  

Not so long-ago Jonathan mislead Grace Mugabe to the point of no return. He tried to use Grace to get power from Mugabe. He fed Grace with words she was to say in those rallies, Grace was over-exited to have a luminary like Jonathan on her side, advising her what to say and who to get rid of in the party and government. The rest is history, but it is interesting that people have learnt nothing from history. MDC-Alliance has learnt nothing: Jonathan is the last person to advise an opposition party that he loathed openly. Is politics this dirty? When the plan to take over from Robert Mugabe foiled, Jonathan called Grace Mugabe a divisive person without leadership qualities as if he did not know that before. Grace was used and abused to takeover power from her husband and this is how women are used and abused and later discarded.  

Let us revisit and remember Jonathan's departing words: He thanked Robert Mugabe for giving him the opportunity of a lifetime to serve him to the last. He likened Robert Mugabe with Fidel Castro of Cuba. Either by omission or commission, he removes Mugabe from the Gukurahundi atrocities and sees Mnangagwa and Perrance Shiri as some of perpetrators of genocide in Matabeleland and Midlands. This is not corrected: Mugabe was the commander-in-Chief of armed forces back then who sent the Fifth Brigade to annihilate the Matabeleland people and Shona people who were Zapu members. It is estimated that 20,000 people lost lives in the Gukurahundi genocide.

Curiously, the people of Matabeleland believe Jonathan when he turns his politics around today and tells us that he was in the Zanu PF party and government to take revenge to those who murdered is father: murderers including Mnangagwa and Perrance Shiri. There were no indications whatsoever that Jonathan was planning a revenge from elements in the Zanu PF party and government. He dined with Mnangagwa and all living Gukurahundists openly, bought a big farm in the middle of Mashonaland: He was settled in Mashonaland.

We, again, are told that Jonathan went crawling with his knees, begged Robert Mugabe for forgiveness after he was thrown out of the party for planning a Tsholotsho Declaration that would have seen Mnangagwa becoming president instead of Joyce Mujuru. Again he denies this today, told us it was Jacob Mudenda who hatched the plan, many people bought this as true. It was cold outside Zanu PF, he said.

We have been saying that Chamisa is too youthful to lead a formidable opposition. Chamisa has made serious mistakes ever since Tsvangirai died. He should have ascended into power credibly and not questionably. These purges between him and Khuphe are uncalled for. To take Jonathan Moyo as advisor to the party is the height of folly. There are enough lawyers in MDC-Alliance who could give credible advice to President Chamisa. Jonathan Moyo's input is not serving the party and the people. To twin the illegality of the coup and that of the elections results in 2018 is not genuine. The people supported the coup, what happened after the coup is another story for some other day.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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