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Chamisa's MDC just playing to gallery

07 Sep 2020 at 06:26hrs | Views
It is laughable that a political party that was always opposed to the Land Reform Programme now claims rather incredulously that the Zanu-PF Government which restored stolen land to black Zimbabweans is now giving that land to white former farmers.

Indeed, the MDC-A has a disconcerting and disturbing inclination to oppose just for the sake of opposing and are at it again opposing the rule of law, tenets that they have falsely claimed to follow since they were formed in 1999.

But historical facts are stubborn with events from 2000 to present day showing that the MDC-A has always aspired to reverse the Land Reform Programme, primarily because it is a party that was formed at the behest of the former commercial farmers who never wanted to lose their ill-begotten farms in the first place.

The draft constitution of 2000 which contained clauses for compulsory land acquisition without compensation was rejected in a referendum by the MDC-A which was working hand-in-glove with the white former farmers.

If the MDC-A is supportive of the Land Reform Programme, why aren't they condemning the punitive economic sanctions that the West  imposed on Zimbabwe as punishment for the land reform in 2001.

The very sanctions that were imposed by the US and its Western allies have emasculated Zimbabwe, cutting the country from accessing loans from international lending institutions such as the World Bank.

The authors of these sanctions locally are the likes of Tendai Biti, the MDC-A vice president who now wants to lecture Zimbabwe about the irreversibility of the land revolution.

The inequitable land distribution, that dated back to 1890, had condemned the rightful owners of the land between the Zambezi and Limpopo River to perpetual poverty and it was the Zanu-PF Government that led the process of restoring land to its rightful heirs, all this the MDC-A opposed for they have never been a voice unto themselves, but rather they are puppets of the west.

The land heist by white farmers and their ancestors was only corrected through revolutions, first the war of liberation of the 1960s-70s and then the Land Reform Programme at the turn of the millennium, and pivoting both transformative phases was the Zanu-PF-led Government.

It is therefore hypocritical for those in the opposition to try and fiddle with historical facts and weld themselves into relevance when it is a historical fact that they were always opposed to the revolution.

How can a puppet speak contrary to the puppeteer, how can the MDC-A, a party a bereft of any ideological compass and which mimics the language of the western world go against the grain and challenge its masters ensconced in Western capitals and who still, by way of trying to emasculate Zimbabwe into submission maintain illegal sanctions on the country.

It should be remembered that the MDC-A was formed primarily to oppose the Land Reform Programme and indeed push for the protection of white monopoly capital and interests. It is for the same reason why conscious Zimbabweans have always rejected the opposition party because it does not stand for their interests, but its ideals and ideas are alien to the hundreds of thousands who benefited from the Agrarian Land Reform Programme.

The rank hypocrisy that is coming from the MDC-A, as espoused by Messrs Tendai Biti, Alex Magaisa and their rank and file stinks to high heavens and teaches Zimbabwe and the world at large that we have an opposition that opposes for the sake of opposing and never stands for principle.

The MDC-A never thought that the Second Republic would transform the agricultural sector in such a small period of time through restoring investor confidence, thus they find themselves playing brinkmanship.

They can never be law and order if the Government does not implement the Constitution, and the latest move to pay back farmers who were protected under Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotion Agreements (BIPPAs) signed between Zimbabwe and their countries, and the few blacks who also lost their farmers is a fulfilment of the country's Constitution, particularly Section 72 and Section 295. Section 72 clearly states that agricultural land belongs to the State, the procedure of acquiring the land, it states that subject to Section 295, the country will not pay any compensation.

Under the Constitution, it is the former colonial master that has to pay for the land and Zimbabwe is only obliged to pay for improvements on the land.

The MDC-A cannot seek to manipulate public opinion for political expediency when they have always been opposed to the Land Reform Programme. What is clear is that the MDC-A is a band of political stooges, who oppose for the sake of opposition, but whose political lifespan is about to come to a crushing end, because soon their masters will, just like the urban voters, desert them as they have nothing to offer.

A perusal of the MDC-A manifestos since the white former commercial decided to form a political party in 1999 shows that the party was always determined to give land back to its handlers.

And some are saying there is no Act of Parliament to give effect to the latest move, no an Act of Parliament is there, the Land Acquisition Act, which clearly states what has to be done, what that Act allows Government to come up with regulations to tie up loose ends in the Land Reform Programme which is irreversible.

Source - the herald
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