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Zimbabwe lacking visionary leaders

07 Sep 2020 at 11:34hrs | Views
Allow me to unpack some of the few things which are derailing the country from progressing and if they are fixed, we can all enjoy the treasures in our country.

The recent developments witnessed in the country are deeply worrying. We are galloping from one problem to another and it looks like we are trying to draw water from a rock. The bus in which we are travelling has no driver and the wheels are getting off.

The Zimbabweans from all walks of life have suffered in abject poverty due to maladministration, corruption, cult politics and poor governance. Politics of hate has taken centre stage.

The deployment of the army in our towns, cities and communities leaves a lot to be desired and cannot continue to be flooded by gun totting armed men as if we have a civil war in the country. The police force is there to patrol our streets and must do so according to the laws of the country.

In media we have seen gagging of dissenting voices where journalists are subjected to total harassment because they are exposing corruption within the top government officials.

A healthy and democratic nation must embrace, give space, welcome criticism and allow the freedom of the media to investigate cases especially those on corruption.

The people however welcomed the release from prison of incarcerated Winning Award Journalist Hopewell Chin'ono and Preacher cum-politician Jacob Ngarivhume who have been locked up for more than forty days because they were denouncing corruption.

The work of human rights defenders, journalists, and civil society organisations is essential to support reforms that stand the test of time. Upholding constitutional rights is a principle which cannot be compromised.

The government must not feel threatened if its citizens mobilise themselves to fight the scourge of corruption and poor governance. The government of the day must not see people as very passive and ignorant to what is happening within the state.

The government without the people is nothing. Zimbabwe can do better if we allow divergent views to be fused and cross pollinated amongst ourselves.

Zimbabwe need a civil service built on merit and not deployed Zanu PF cadres. Meritocracy must change the present kakistocracy.

We have faced this sense of entitlement that is holding back the country. That is why Zimbabwe is suffering a political, social and economic gridlock.

We have seen both the opposition and ruling party members fighting day in and day out. When the elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers" the African proverb goes.

Zimbabweans are suffering because of these people who think they have the right to the people's lives.

We have a leadership deficiency, crisis and governance. Zanu PF is not a principled political party. They accused MDC-Alliance of selling the country and yet its them who are looking for the highest bidder.

A stale and colonial provincialism still hangs in the air in President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government. So all this hullabaloo of 'Our land is our heritage' was a farce or masquerade.

The truth of the matter is that this Statutory Instrument is not clear and it is contrary to Mugabe's vision on land.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to appease the spirits of the British and the Americans thinking that in return he will get support from them.

It's unfortunate that we have relied more on aid and imports due to poor agricultural policies.


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