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Some cheap goods can be very expensive

11 Sep 2020 at 06:04hrs | Views
Sweet tongue trickster is a conman (confidence man) who can be a woman as well. They are very smart with words and can actually sell a fridge to an Eskimo whose igloo is made using ice blocks.

Their tricks vary in presentation but with the same ultimate goal, that of fleecing one from hard earned cash and valuables. Some of the scams are as old as time but gullibility is the victim's strongest weakness, people still fall for them hook, line and sinker. Like this one where you are walking solo but soon find you have company, literally out from the blue.

A dressed-to-kill man talking to you like a long known acquaintance then suddenly he picks a fat wad of cash and suggest you share, the rest is history. Or, someone in a worksuit, seemingly in a hurry to hire casual labour to offload a truck parked in a delivery lane in the city.

Stupid gullibility, you follow the man like sheep to the slaughter and in a few minutes we hear cries of anquish after all money and phones have vanished. Beautiful ladies are sometimes roped in to do the dirty work of luring unsuspecting men to be robbed by her partners in crime.

These usually pretend to be innocent fellow passengers aboard a pirate taxi or rogue kombi heading home, later driving off route to a secluded cemetery where things fall apart.

A certain lady kept her house keys on the same holder with the car keys then the unthinkable happened the day she left the car for service at a backyard garage. The house keys where quickly cloned, car returned but minus the 'spare' keys to the house.

Months later she returned from work to find the house swept clean, you have been warned. Then this dumb robber who broke into a house, found a bottle of whisky on the table and drank like a fish.

The house owners returned to find a sloshed robber snoring like a bull-frog whilst slumped on the seatee. The incriminating loot by his side and reeking of alcohol like a brewery.

Even the victim laughed his lungs out, ZRP had a very easy job. Do not be a victim, some cheap goods can be very expensive.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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