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I miss Smith's Rhodesia

12 Sep 2020 at 07:39hrs | Views
SINCE the attainment of our independence in 1980, the people of Zimbabwe have never tasted true freedom under the ruling Zanu-PF elite.

The late former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith's regime could have been repressive, but was better as compared to our kith and kin.

I have lived in both Rhodesia and the so-called independent Zimbabwe, but given an option, I would rather rewind the hands of time to the Rhodesia times. Life was good then.

Smith made sure that people got jobs and had food on the table. Zimbabwe would export surplus food to neighbouring countries, no wonder the country was regarded as the bread basket of southern Africa.

The public transport system was efficient. Social services were near perfect. Agriculture and mining were running at full throttle.

The late Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere in 1980 remarked that the new government had inherited a jewel of Africa. But he must be turning in his grave if he sees the sorry state the country has turned at the hands of our erstwhile liberators.

It is so pathetic that 40 years after independence, Zimbabwe is importing literally everything.

The healthcare system is on the deathbed hospitals have run out of consumables and nurses and doctors can't afford basics as they are being poorly paid.

Even Emmerson Mnangagwa's ascendancy via a coup has not helped either.

It is also an open secret that Smith was placed under United Nations sanctions, but his people never starved. His government came up with sanctions busting measures that made sure the wheels of the economy kept running.

The Zanu-PF leadership would rather prefer to see us die while they wine and dine with their families.

Zimbabweans have endured 40 years of corruption, plundering of resources, looting and massive gross human rights violations at the hands of Zanu-PF.

The law is being applied selectively, typically Animal Farm style.

Source - newsday
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