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Zanu PF has dismally failed

13 Sep 2020 at 09:30hrs | Views
This is the second time now that Zanu PF has admitted that it has failed the nation and now appealing for patience and more time from the electorate to fix the mess.

The Zanu PF acting Spokesperson Cde Patrick Chinamasa appealed to the electorate to give the revolutionary party more time saying the fourty years were not enough. I am surprised by such utterances when countries like Ethiopia and the once troubled Rwanda are doing well.

Zanu PF government is always detached from the real issues affecting the country and waste a lot of time and resources
spying on its citizens.
The strategy of distraction that is to divert public attention from important issues.

This Zanu PF acting spokesperson is always out of order and exhibiting his lack of knowledge on the fundamentals bedevelling the country. He is a disgrace and does not know what he is supposed to say. Instead of crafting sound economic policies Patrick Chinamasa is accusing MDC -Alliance of training soldiers in Maldives. With this kind of leadership Zimbabwe is doomed.

Young people want jobs, where are the promised jobs, jobs and jobs. It was just a political gimmick from President Emmerson Mnangagwa  when he took over. Currently we have a number of people jumping the border , running away from hunger and poverty in a country of plenty.

Zimbabwe is reeling from social ,political and economic crisis coupled with poor governance and corruption. We have a plethora of challenges which need serious attention for the country to be rescued out of its economic quagmire.

Land seizures continue unabated. Right now we have a number of people who have been displaced from the land they were given in Bindura to pave way for whoever got that land. There is policy inconsistency and it has become the order of the day.

The Zanu PF has kept the economy in limbo for more than fourty years and they want to be given another chance to destroy. What has this new republic brought to the people? They messed up most people's lives. They grounded all the public transport ZUPCO. Hospitals and clinics have been grounded down and they cry for another chance.

The electorate ,young old and those elegible to cast their vote should be conscientised to vote wisely for their favourite house of assembly members and the President so that they won't repeat the same mistake of giving power to leaders who are clueless.

The Zanu PF government has always been living in  a combative mood and refusing to acknowledge that the country is in a crisis and mess.

All what they can do is protecting its own and ignoring the suffering majority. Zanu PF government lacks the fire power to drive the economy which has since been spiralling downwards at unprecedented levels.

It's economic policy inconsistencies have failed to stimulate the economic growth to spur development

The second republic has lied that it has created 200,000 new jobs and that retrenchments have gone down. Such kind of propaganda will not build a nation which is at the helm of collapsing.

In an another chilling statement, Victor Matemadanda keeps on threatening political activists with unspecified actions like dealing with anybody mysteriously. So people are asking who is behind these abductions and torturings.

We have a crisis in the country and its unfortunate that African National Congress has no capacity to solve the Zimbabwe crisis because last time South Africa sent Baleka Mbete and Sydney Mufamadi who came back empty handed after enjoying coffee and snacks and recently  Ace Magashule and Lindiwe Zulu met Zanu PF and came back clinching thin air. It shows that ANC is a branch of Zanu PF and corruption is their middle name.


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