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Mnangagwa's Zanu-PF must not slam doors on helpers

15 Sep 2020 at 06:17hrs | Views
WE have read stories re-garding Zanu-PF and South Africa and it comes as no surprise to us that Zanu-PF is adopting this stance with respect to South Africa.

The arrogance of Zanu-PF knows no boundary despite the laws and the Constitution.

The South African delegation was within its rights to properly research the crisis in Zimbabwe. They can talk to MDC Alliance, the Catholic Church, political commentators like Ibbo Mandaza and Zapu.

We have also noted comments made by Zanu-PF acting spokes-person Patrick Chinamasa as he slammed the door on Ramaphosa's envoys, declaring that "South Africa has no mediatory role to play in Zimbabwe".

The Zanu-PF bigwigs have plenty to hide. They have been loot-ing Zimbabwe for decades. They do not want to get off the gravy train and they don't want South Africa interfering and exposing all their scams.

Chinamasa needs to be fully investigated. Also President Emmerson Mnangagwa's covert deals need to be exposed. What is his relationship with Glynn Cohen, son of Victor Cohen?

Corruptionforce is pleased that South Africa is dealing with the Zimbabwean issue. There are plenty of stories to uncover.

Zanu-PF has not complied with the Constitution. The Zimbabwe Democracy and Recovery Act has not been implemented. The military is involved in authoritarian policy. Chinamasa and the rest of the Zanu-PF cronies do not want to lose power as they will be ex-posed for all their corruption and brutality.

Zanu-PF through its authoritarian policy is incapable of change. It is following the late former President Robert Mugabe's way of do-ing things and now perhaps even worse. Zimbabwe is in crisis.

COVID-1 9 has not helped, but the fact re-mains that the Zanu-PF bigwigs continue to benefit at the expense of the many. South Africa needs to see this. South Africa needs to research the situation properly because the crisis in Zimbabwe affects the region.

Chinamasa wants to keep South Africa out because he and other Zanu-PF bigwigs know what they stand to lose if things change.

Source - newsday
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