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When a Nguni Kingship chases his own agenda to undo other Ndebele Kings

16 Sep 2020 at 17:11hrs | Views
We have been saying it for a long time that the Nguni Kings are chasing their own agenda but will want to ride at the backs of the Ndebele populations so that they get recognition by Zanu Government. These Nguni kingdoms add no value to the people of this region only to themselves. These royal institutions realize the revenue cash flows of declaring Kingdoms meant to painfully rob, suck, sleaze the peoples of this region of their last US dollar and cent to maintain unfettered royal privileges of three Nguni kingdoms. Why does a great-grandson of King Lobengula sink so low: pen Mnangagwa for recognizing Matshobana Khumalo? A recognition from a man who is a Gukurahundist, he writes a letter to an unrepented enemy, murderer, a known thug, a criminal of thousands of deaths and disappearance persons of Matabeleland, Midlands and praising him for a recognition of his relative! Absolute stupid! In his letter he honours, salutes murderous Mnangagwa as Mr. President to get his Recognition which he got. His master Mnangagwa gave him his first demand but he pre-empted him; warned him against reinstating a kingdom: Ngixolelani ngemibuzo sengingoba bengingekho.  

It is not only duplicitous: it smacks of deceit and backhandedness. These three kings are undoing each other by courting Mnangagwa to get his kingdom recognized: not the other two Kingdoms. His simplistic and obvious intention is to get the other two kings declined of their demands of kingdom coronations. Is that how they score their inherent loathing and hatred on one another by overstepping the pain and skeletons of the victims of the past genocide? Are the purging so desperate as to go so low as to ask an enemy for help? Why would an ethnic group with a slender 5% of the Ndebele population demand to reinstate a kingdom to rule several ethnic groups in Matabeleland? Do they wish to perpetuate their supremacy and dominance on us in the second Millennium?  

It is not the first time these Ndebele chiefs have supped with enemies to get their better share in any past governments. During the time of UDI- Smith, chiefs from Matabeleland benefited immensely during the UDI. They never suffered with the masses. Their children went to schools, they had businesses running, they got land in abundance, they had their royal allocations and packages from the white government of Ian Douglas Smith. It is the same modus operandi once again. Robert Mugabe recognised Chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni against Chief Jorum Ndiweni just to spite them. Mugabe was aware of the intrigues between the two brothers, so he played them against their weaknesses and polarized attitudes: a play that Mugabe enjoyed best.    
"Zimbabwe is a republic, there are people who wanted to revive the Ndebele Kingdom in Matabeleland, and we said no, we cannot have a kingdom in a republic," Mnangagwa told cheering Zanu-PF loyalists. "Zimbabwe is a republic, there can only be chiefs not kings, senior and junior, different levels but there are chiefs. "I got a letter on Wednesday from the grandson of King Lobengula saying thank you President. That's what is done." Those were Mnangagwa's words verbatim.

Just by writing that letter to Mnangagwa, this great grandson of King Lobengula sold his soul to a murderer, a thug, a criminal, this is how low he could get. Exactly that, we are expected by Mnangagwa to cow down; all Ndebele people are to go down their knees and beg him. The great grandson of Lobengula is giving an example how we should behave towards a killer, a criminal, a thug: SUBMIT YOURSELVES TO MNANGAGWA and get accepted and recognized. That is what is done.

Mnangagwa will never apologize for the genocide atrocities he and his henchmen committed in the early independence of 1980 because he knows how desperate some people of this region are to get their own personal agenda done. The rest of the population is not in their interest: hence we are called subjects of the king of Matabeleland. Mnangagwa has a list of Nguni people in his chest who have been on his payroll paid for selling out to CIO-Zanu PF for years and these are the people who are calling for cessation and genocide reparations. It is the money in billions of US dollars they are chasing and not how the victims of genocide will be assisted to get their lives back on track. It is for this reason Mnangagwa does not lose sleep because of Gukurahundi issues. He knows these sell-outs well enough and he can expose their names about their past CIO activities at home and abroad.

It is as if what Sister Thokozani Khuphe's association with Zanu PF is not enough. We are flabbergasted and tongue-tied how an opposition party can work together with a government that has so much blood in its hands. The values and principles upon which the original MDC was formed in 1999 is all gone down the drain and vanished. Initially MDC had strong values and democratic commitments coming from a strong and trade union movement of the past. Their democratic demands for change were genuine and tangible back then: They realized that in the past decade of 1990 to 1999, the Zimbabwe economy was at a freefall because of serious policies of Mugabe and Zanu PF. It is not only ESAP that saw millions of workers out of formal employment: it was sending soldiers to fight a war in Congo that had nothing to do with the national security of our state. It was not only lack of foresight on the part of Mugabe and government but egoistic stance and unfettered stupidity. Then was the farm invasions and Murambatsvina and violent elections of 2008.

For Thokozani Khuphe and MDC-T to work together with Zanu PF is a mischief we have to swallow. They do not realize that Zanu can be gone anytime soon: she will, overnight, be nothing and nowhere to go. Remember Sudan, a classical example of what can happen. The people are angry out there. The anger is building up every day. Can she ignore the building up anger from the masses and for how long? Khuphe is now by association included as one of the perpetrators of oppression in this collective pain and suffering the population is going through. To add up to the horror: Now we have a kingdom in Matabeleland trying its best by bootlicking Mnangagwa and Zanu, praising him for silly recognition that does not give value to this region. He is begging falling breadcrumbs from Mnangagwa's table; will go a long way to fill the stomach of the great grandson of King Lobengula to survive another day in these hard times we find ourselves in.

It is messy, it is tasteless, it is dirty, it is embarrassing,  smacks of  sensitivity on regional pain and suffering; urinating on the graves of genocide victims; but were we not told that the Nguni people are noble and proud people? We forgotten the Miriam Makeba's lyrics: "The noble nation called Zululand and the noble Zulu people." The descendants of the great Zulu nation are not noble: but "Vana va Mambo Varanda kumwe."

Where is the pride in a great-grandchild of a world-famous Lobengula: King of the Matabele nation, courting a murderer, a criminal, a thug, a person who called your people lice and ticks and cockroaches in exchange for a personal agenda: a kingdom? Where are the noble Nguni values and principles we are told about and again: HRH King Mzilikazi the father of Lobengula was a unifier of many ethnic groups? Did he unify them by selling othering out? Hell no! I believe he was smarter than his current generation torn apart and selling their souls to get recognition of its own kingdom.

Understandably, Caucasians do not take Africans seriously for many reasons: These Africans still do not know what they want in the second Millennium.
History tells us that Chief Dingaan stabbed King Chaka at his back when he was taking a bath in Zululand. The great grandson of Lobengula is stabbing us at our back: disregarding the victim souls whose bones are languishing in shallow graves: not forgotten atrocities of genocide nature committed 35 years ago and of course there are several crimes against humanity committed by Mnangagwa direct: dignitaries in Zanu PF and government have been murdered by Dambudzo Mnangagwa: the great grandson of Lobengula knows all these facts, he disregards them all the same: he sits down and pens Mnangagwa a letter thanking him kindly for RECOGNIZING, recognizing his great grandparent. It is history repeating itself all over again.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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