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Bulawayo Town Clerk: A man on a mission

25 Sep 2020 at 11:15hrs | Views
Bulawayo City Town Clerk Christopher Dube has demonstrated that he is a man amongst men. The Town Clerk bravely thwarted attempts to illegally kick him out of office and equally thwarted a robbery attempt at his house.

Dube is a man of principle and a man of character who has stood for what he believes in. Like most seasoned war Veterans Dube does not blow his own horn or sing his achievements. Dube is a humble man, dedicated Christian and strict administrator who participated in the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe.

It is interesting to note that there are attempts to kick Dube out of the city of Bulawayo through allegations and attacks on his character and integrity.

Dube's contract

Mr Dube joined the local authority in October 2016, and his contract was expected to end in September 2020. Councillors in March 2020 voted unanimously to extend Mr Dube's contract.

Councillors carry a mandate from the people, by the people to make decisions on behalf of the people. The unanimous decision was clear indication that the people of Bulawayo firmly stand with the Town Clerk and the people endorse his performance.

Mr Dube's contract was therefore extended by another 5 years having followed due process.

The decision to extend his contract came after the general purposes council committee had voted six to one in favour of the contract extension. The general purposes committee is made up of the six council committee chairpersons and the Mayor.

Extending the Town Clerk's contract was a logical move which defines the aspirations of the people of Bulawayo. The people want continuity, the people want service delivery and a clean city.

It is no surprise that the matter was endorsed without any discussion at all as councillors had already decided to award Mr Dube with a contract extension at their party caucus. Councillors felt that the town clerk still had a lot to offer to the city judging by the achievements he has made in the four years he has been at the helm of the local authority

In terms of the law the mayor is mandated to handle the town clerk's contract so the Mayor had to engage the policy makers to also get their input on the matter, seeing that Mr Dube's contract was coming to an end in September. The Mayor and his councillors were happy and felt there was a need to maintain stability and continuity within the local authority. Councillors assessed the projects which the Town clerk has done and felt it was proper to give him a further five years in office.

Those fighting the Town Clerk are fighting stability, progress and continuity in Bulawayo. The Town Clerk has work to do for the people of Bulawayo and he should carry out that work diligently.

The Town Clerk has committed himself to operate a corruption-free administration and he has agreed to be subjected to legal process under ZACC or any other institution.

The Town Clerk needs to work on the City's  Economic Development Unit.

The Section is headed by the City Economic Development Officer and its key result area is to promote investment into the City of Bulawayo. The unit is mandated to promote the City by participating in local and international exhibitions (funds permitting). The Section hosts visiting foreign business and other delegations deals with applications for investment into the City by recommending allocation of industrial stands.

The Town Clerk needs to ensure that there are co-operation arrangements between Bulawayo and other cities to facilitate and promote co-operation in economic development, trade and culture. This unit if adequately operationalised can create employment and economic boom for the people of Bulawayo.

Overall Mr Christopher Dube has done well as the Town Clerk. Thumbs up to Mr Dube and continue on your path to a better world-class city for the people of Bulawayo. To the naysayers, I say hands off the Town Clerk, asifuni bumbulu.

Nicholas Ncube is a  writer researcherand blogger. He can be contacted on

Source - Nicholas Ncube
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