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Underate Nero and Zimbabweans at your own risk, revolution now unavoidable

05 Oct 2020 at 07:23hrs | Views
It is so sad that millions of innocent Zimbabweans continue to wallop in poverty at the expense of an un repentant, brutal, selfish, and ungodly system in the name of Zanu Pf plus a mercenary bunch of money mongers, whom I call dwarfs in large robes, surely Thokozani Khupe, Dounglas Mwonzora, Morgan Komichi and crew have a special place for them in hell.

The situation in Zimbabwe have gone beyond normal to the point that even a grade 1 student is able to see that President Mnangagwa is just a failure by birth, that man deserves to be put on guillotine for killing and starving innocent kids of which majority of them does not even have interest in politics.

The country has been militarized to the core to the extent that innocent doctors are now being forced to join the military so that they won't strike, is the New Disorder or Dispensation? Surely both Mugabe and Tsvangirai might come back from the dead just to try and stop this Mnangagwa government from perpetual madness.

As a political student this is my prediction of what is happening and what is going to happen in Zimbabwe. Zanu PF knows that they won't stand a chance in 2023 presidential elections and to counter that they had to create fake opposition party in the form of MDC Khupe and her political demagogues.

The aim of Zanu Pf is not to create a one party state but to buy time by all means necessary so that they can remain in power, in doing so they have managed to capture the Judiciary which already was captured but now it is captured to the core.

Thokozani Khupe and associates are being paid to support Zanu Pf in Parliament when it comes to the issues of amending the constitution, so on paper their than seems like it will be smooth, but they are continuously putting a blind eye on the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe.

 Even if it means that they are going to amend the whole constitution, they are going to fail to amend the suffering of the masses in Zimbabwe which in my view is going to be the long term cause of a catastrophic and untold uprising.
Zimbabweans should not be worried about all these shenanigans that Zanu Pf is doing, even if they are going to suspend the elections at any given time a revolution is now unavoidable, it is just a matter of time. Zanu Pf has failed dismally that its now using the law to cement the suffering of the innocent Zimbabweans.

Zanu Pf has succeeded in forming a fake opposition
It has succeeded in destroying MDC Alliance
It will succeed in amending the constitution
It will succeed in suspending elections
But I bet my last bond note it will not be able to stop a catastrophic revolution in Zimbabwe, it is just now a matter of time before the unseen takes place. The PEOPLE shall SPEAK through violence soon

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