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The Zimbabwe Parliament

09 Oct 2020 at 08:17hrs | Views
Our parliament under a zanu pf government manufactured majority just doesn't exist, making every election in Zimbabwe a joke. There is no judiciary to complement the arms of government and therefore there is no need for zanu pf to respect the constitution and adhere to its quotations. If the so called members of the opposition or any other member of parliament whatsoever, respects the constitution and its dictates about an election, what are they doing in that parliament today when zanu pf is busy destroying what they claim to represent, the wishes of the electorate.  Oh, I see they want to then tell SADC that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe when they are actually an aid to that crisis.

There is a court order challenging the current parliamentary swearings in but they are going on anywhere, so what is the use of the judiciary then, or may be since the judiciary is just a mouth piece of zanu pf it really wouldn't matter wasting time waiting for them since they have already been told what judgement to  pass on the case.

My other problem is the conscience of whoever is behind this, that I voted for Ntando to represent my constituency under Bhuzu Party but I am being given Thabani of the Korotshane Party instead, please tell me I'm missing something and that all is constitutional in that. People, first of all, before you seek your neighbour's help, you should try to solve the  problem yourself.

That parliament has been useless the first day it was sworn in. It is a parliament of perks and other enrichment advantages, and no one there can claim to represent the wishes of his/her constituency in there. The recent recalls abd defection cement my point. Thanks to zanu pf Madam Khupe with a party that was beaten dismally in the last election is leading a good number of parliamentarians today, with a promise of a recognition by government as an opposition leader with perks and benefts to come. Some of these parliamentarians have nicodemussly changed course with others coming from nowhere. Life is good, who says miracles don't happen because they do if you work with zanu pf and the road to a one party state seems to have no traffic at all.

People, please know this, in Zimbabwe there are no constitutional arms of government but the president ( not  presidency), the zanu pf politburo and the military junta,  period. The judiciary is told what to do and the cabinet is just a bunch of apologists who will always carry his master's voice and deliver it. Right now zanu pf is busy avoiding by any means possible, implementation of constitutional reforms to make an election in Zimbabwe constitutional and meaningful to a voter. Elections here have had no voter's signature and therefore have never been the electorate's wishes.

No electorate of sane people would vote for a political party that has failed them for fourty years like zanu pf. You heard Chiwenga saying that Mnangagwa will rule for life and that no election will vote him out. Now zanu pf has created an opposition political party of their own led by Madam Khupe towards the formation of a unity government in the form of a one party state.

The civil service will be militarized to make sure there are no industrial actions or slipper voices, sound farmiliar,  some are saying we are a colony of China. Neither SADC nor any of our African pretenders will do anything about it. From there on elections will be for real, a formality. The G40, who participated in the architecture of this horror, their effort of asking for help from South Africa is not working, so what next? When you continue to live under the same roof with the devil that simply means you like the devil. Our parliament people, our parliament of perks, you see now. What should we do to return to the route to democracy,  we are off it's radar as of.

Clemen Moyo
+263 778 662 090/0712 708 284
Clemen Moyo writes in his capacity as as a human rights activist

Source - Clemen Moyo
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