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Keep some for the rainy day

11 Oct 2020 at 04:55hrs | Views
Everyone has heard of that proverbial 'rainy day', a piece of advice from time forever. Wise words indeed, putting something aside for the rainy day.

In these days of economic uncertainty, if you can't keep up  lower your standards. All of a sudden soya chunks become relish of choice and you know what, they become tastier and sweeter that leaving the table becomes a 'bouncer's affair'.

The green vegetables (covo or Paida) will look like a green broiler chicken, quite appealing to both eyes and palate. If it's schooling, pull the boy from PE and leave him by the gate at George Stark, I heard they would rather build children there than repair man. Life has to continue one way or the other, others would say by hook or crook.

Not sure though of the later but as for hooks, one can go fishing.

Lodgings are another headache during tightening of belts, of course squarting is out one would rather relocate to Charehwa in Mutoko and send kids to Bondamakara High.

A small African family of twenty-two can fit in modest two rooms dwelling, we are trying to weather the storm here. Good times are beckoning but for now. It's not bravery to move from DZ to Chisipiti then beef and chicken become not reachable. Bread, oooh sweet fresh bread! Anyway, man does not live on bread alone.

There is 'chimodho' and amagwinya, and for those into experimenting, meal-rice and tea can go down well. One forgotten delicacy is pumpkin seeds meat-balls (mabumbe) my God! Very healthy and very tasty.

As for snacking, roast nuts and roast maize can keep the jaws in motion. So if you have plenty ground nuts, keep some for the rainy day, you may need them on that day.

Who said you can't eat sadza munching salted nuts?

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central
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