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The inscrutable Mr Trump!

11 Oct 2020 at 11:09hrs | Views

*This letter uses American jargon
It took me sometime to figure out why the inscrutable, rascally US President Donald J Trump drives so many elites into a lunatic frenzy until I read a post from my old friend of the Drum magazine days, Andrew Moyse from Harare.

Andrew, like most international elites, derives their information from the New York Times and its associates, Associated Press, etc. If you think trump is a barbarian, who cannot say a complete sentence, who speaks before he thinks, who loves America and is not ashamed to say so, you are correct.

A man, such as trump, who never apologises for US aggression, or the original sin of slavery and is ready to fight back, is what has endeared him to the American generality.

In contrast, the elites (drop a grape into your mouth) mince their words, are not sure about America's greatness, regret the sin of slavery, and apologise for US interference in Libya and Iraq.

They cannot say anything good about Trump.

They have not accepted the fact that he won an election.

They do not accept the fact that he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Street, Washington, DC.

The Never-Trumpkins are incapable of seeing things outside the circle drawn by the New York Times. Here is an absolutely zany example.

His bizarre behaviour, of course not befitting a president, is entirely human, like "we ordinary folks", I was told.

On Wednesday, one hour after midnight, trump contacted his friend and announced that he had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

The question arises why he was awake after midnight and whether he actually had been told of the results earlier on Wednesday. Oh, the elites want to know. Why they want to know, I don't know, but I know that trump's lifestyle makes them go bananas.

Commoners ask a simple question: Why is it anybody's business if the man is up one hour after midnight?

One group says trump is absolutely reckless. Worse, 19 officials close to the president tested positive to coronavirus. No Democrat is on that list.

Oh, the recklessness of this guy! Some Republicans actually believe that a treasonous Democrat could have spread the virus in the White House.

So the reaction is on both sides. Film-maker Michael Moore, who has scolded Democrats for abandoning the working class voter and predicted a trump win in 2016, is furious.

Moore, who calls trump a "professional liar, cunning and a cheat", thinks going to the Walter Reed Military Hospital for him was a wicked trick aimed at gaining favour.

Moore alleges that trump has a history of "lying" about everything. He also alleges that trump was looking for an excuse to postpone the elections.

Moore ended his tweet with these words showing that, he, Moore, was getting unscrewed in his head: "How many lies now has the Washington Post proven in these four years?

(Trump utters) a lie at least twice during every waking hour," and says that trump has uttered 25 000 lies in four years.

Common people are not impressed by Moore's statistics. In any case, trump was sick and it is Moore who needs to go to Walter Reed for a brain scan.

The man is totally screwed up.

In any case, calling trump a liar is like the kettle calling the pot black. the greatest lie of the trump administration was the Robert Mueller Russia-gate. the New York Times, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Barack Obama loyalists, and the Central Intelligence Agency cooked up a story for three years, worked on it 24 hours a day, hired 40 FBI cut-throat lawyers, issued 2 800 subpoenas and called 500 witnesses. trump was a Russian agent was the accusation.

After 22 months, the report says that: "the investigation did not establish that members of the trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities."

There were other concoctions after that. trump was impeached over a telephone call reported by a 34-year-old that was not part of the call.

Democrats have concocted as many lies as they accuse trump of. No other human could have survived the concerted assault of 40 FBI attorneys, eight Congressional prosecutors in the impeachment trial and remained standing on two feet as Trump did.

Democrats will leave no stone unturned in their attempt to unseat Trump.

Make them mad the more zany Trump's opponents become, the more his supporters enjoy the fight. On Tuesday October 6, trump was driven slowly from Walter Reed Military Hospital (WRMH).

trump was treated by a team of 21 doctors, seven of them colonels, led by Commander Sean Conley, who has a slight accent. trump's supporters were lined along the road as he left the hospital. His limousine was designed to avoid biological airborne attacks. After walking from the carport, about 100 feet to the steps of his house, he announced: "I am back."

The Never Trumpkins were livid. As many as 19 aficionados (all Republicans) were Covid-19 positive. How dare the man announce his return? How dare he walk up the stairs to the balcony and remove his mask?

He is endangering the secret service drivers. At 100 feet away from the well-wishers, high on his balcony, the wind might blow Covid-19 saliva to passersby.

They probably expected trump to walk home to save his drivers.

They do not acknowledge that trump lives at the White House.

Trump received three different medicines, one of which was experimental.

The Never Trumpkins were beside themselves. they, of course, were praying for his death and now he is given this miracle medicine. the do not shy away from blaming trump for coronavirus. Don Lemon at Cable News Network put it starkly;

"Each time this man opens his mouth, somebody dies."

As far as they are concerned, trump manufactured the disease. Never mind that the disease came from Wuhan, China.

So the circus goes on daily.

Today, all the pundits and their nephews are predicting that vice-president Joe Biden is 17 points ahead of trump. I remind readers that these same pundits, the NYT and their surrogates are absolutely shameless. they told us in 2016 that Hillary Clinton was 97% sure of winning the election.

In a bizarre poll, CNN found that 57 correspondents backed Biden while 41% backed trump. the New York Times says that "Biden widens lead". this is the newspaper which misled Mrs Clinton into paying US$6 million for a victory booking on the New York waterfront.

The same 57% thought that trump was likely to win. In another discreet needling of the correspondents, 17% did not mention their pick.

It is this pretence to know everything that drives commoners away from the elites. they cannot say that they do not know.

Source - the standard
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