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Dialogue is important

11 Oct 2020 at 11:22hrs | Views
Dialogue is important and it has to be real and objective. All those steak holders capable of providing a solution to the problem should be represented in the dialogue. I don't know what is wrong with our African leaders because most of them behave like kindergarten kids.

Seventy five percent of Africa is in a dreadful mess because of dictatorial leadership, who keep entertaining their hypocritical egos by holding childish press conferences, praising themselves and their actions, telling the world that everything is going on well and the economies will soon be booming yet they are actually looting their nations to bankruptcy. They just can't face up to the truth because it makes them feel stupid and embarrassed.

They cannot take advice even when it is obvious they do not have an answer to a problem. They surround themselves with puppet cabinet ministers who will pretend there's no smell in the room when their master has actual soiled on his pants.

The kind of politics we are practising now has no approved professional theory and it is just very bad. It's delusional arguing or going against researched staff as we all know that you cannot event the wheel but you can only improve on its performance. It's like taking the wrong route on a journey and when you don't arrive at the intended destination you start wondering why you took that route after all.

I wonder why we are so naive that, whilst we know exactly what it is that we should do to make things right we prefer a foreign country like South Africa to write the script for us. South Africa may be capable of solving our problems for us but at a cost and we all know what that cost is. If Emerson Mnangagwa is as legitimate a president as he claims to be, he must show that by being brave enough to face reality.

Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance is the real deal, not Polad or South Africa for a solution, not Khupe, not Mwonzora, not puppet court judges decisions and definitely not the army. Its no longer about who won the elections and how, no, we are long past thar stage, the level of poverty in our people has risen alarmingly and the country cannot cop.

Pretending that you are capable of solving a problem is not only dangerous to the people you claim to be legitimately leading but to yourselves as well at the end of the day. Leading a nation can never be a trial and error thing but requires earnest and total transparence and non of those barbaric ways of cruelty to your opponent.

It is also very important that the president dumps the so called Mathebeleland Collective now in the Gukurahundi issue and addresses the issue in the manner that respects the cultures of the victims. No make up faces in a moaning site, please.

Those that delve in that issue should be acceptable to the victims. We should understand the importance of the consent of the victim in a genocidal massacre of this magnitude. Opportunists are the usual spoilers with attractive spots.

People who tell you what you want to hear are bad advisors, who are mostly likely to lead you to Hell. Watch out folks that deadly killer is still on the loose.

Clemen Moyo
Mediation for Peace Centre
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090
Clemen Moyo writes in his own capacity as a human rights activist

Source - Clemen Moyo
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