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Mthuli Ncube; just like Gideon Gono will be unemployable when he absconds

12 Oct 2020 at 06:16hrs | Views
Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Dr Gono told Trevor Ncube that he has a gym in his home hence he has lost so much weight. But it appears he is melting away before our eyes, we still have to stick to his version, if indeed he is rigorously active on a gym diet losing the puppy fat he accumulated under his Boss Mugabe, there is no reason to speculate otherwise we all have our health issues that no one knows. The difference between me and Gono is that he was a global figure once upon a time. I, on the aside, remained a mortal to this day.

Between the year 2000 and 2008, Zimbabwe had alarming inflation that surpassed the Weimar Republic in Germany. Every citizen in Zimbabwe became a billionaire because of Gono's financial misdemeanours that could only recover after the takeover of the GNU with MDC-T. During that period of high inflation, Gono told all who wanted to hear that he was penned for a post at the world bank, a claim that was disputed immediately by the American embassy in Harare. We have a Finance Minister today that left decent jobs in the Diaspora, as professor of economics at a prestigious college: London School of Economics to become Finance Minister of the Second Republic.

I doubt if Mthuli Ncube knows what he is doing: is he going forward or coming back? Where did the 600 million US dollars package come from today? Is this the relief SARS-Covid-2 package that is being shared with the First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa, according to the news today, if they are to be believed. We now know that anything rumoured in Zimbabwe, rumour to do with corruption, the chance of that rumour to be true is 99%. What triggered the arrest of Hopewell Chinono who languished in Chikurubi for 40 days and nights after exposing the impossible was his thorough investigation of the first family corruption regarding SARS-Covid-2 package worth 60 million US dollars by his son Collins. He successfully uncovered corruption links with the First Family.

Even ZACC is toothless when it comes to corruption, the looting done daylight by the first family. ZACC chases small fishes or G-40 members and they proudly tell us they are fighting corruption leaving big fishes and crocodiles to continue their looting sprees pamadiro a Georgina. The day ZACC will point the finger at Chiwenga's seven billion in China banks and Collins Mnangagwa for 60 million US dollars fraud, Mnangagwa's mansion in Dubai; only then we shall know they are in business. Again I know this wish will never happen.

Prior to this ground-breaking uncovering of corruption by Hopewell Chinono, in April this year Minister Mthuli Ncube had written a letter to the World Bank signed his name and credentials as collateral:  Minister and Professor of a prestigious university in the world. Mthuli Ncube was begging for financial assistance amid corona pandemic that affected fragile global economies including Zimbabwe. He hoped that he was going to be believed by the World Bank and many other International money lenders based on his words of mouth, promise alone. These world bodies are capitalist institutions, Mthuli Ncube should know better how these institutions operate than me.
 Zimbabwe is not eligible for debt in any situation even under corona pandemic difficulties for many reasons; the glaring looting going on in the party and government is worse than the pandemic we are living under today.  

Minister Ncube is messing up what was already a messy economy before him. His service as minister perpetuates our misery as if we have not suffered enough: we have had 40 years of pariah state that did not know if it was going or coming. Using the words that Khaliphani Phugheni said regarding Gono: he said he is the worst criminal we have ever had. He made millions of Zimbabwean's old peoples pensions vanish to the point of no return. Millions of citizens who paid in the pension's schemes with the hope of a secure retirement were short-changed by Gono; millions died as poor as church mice. Phugheni said again: we need to appreciate Dr. Nkosana Moyo for absconding the government of Zimbabwe in 2001 because his conscience told him never serve a rogue government of Robert Gabriel Mugabe whose corrupt policies never benefited the common man. He left; his dignity today is intact.

We are saying the same words for Mthuli Ncubeā€˜s disregard for the civil servants especially teachers and doctors under these unprecedented times of corona pandemic, is heartless and cruel. He knows that the merger salaries of civil servants is below the poverty datum line. If there are financial constraints in the national fiscus, why is he accommodating corrupt demands from the first Family? They want to temper with the 600 million US dollars, looting once more. He appears to be helpless when he is confronted with corruption that included Mnangagwa family.

An academic should inform himself based on his knowledge first, his conscience secondly that if you are failing, accept defeat and go. To associate himself with a government whose economy is sure to fail is not very clever. His ministry is perpetuating the misery of millions of citizens. Sure his family domiciles elsewhere, he may not feel the pinch that many of the citizens are going through. Again Mthuli Ncube should know that the international money lenders are watching him. It is easy to become guilty by associating with criminals and thugs of Mnangagwa regime. Is Mthuli Ncube also pillaging together with the Zanu PF ruling elite?

This government of Zanu will collapse, it is a question of time, when? It is disheartening to realize that Mthuli is not concerned or does he realize the anger in the general population. It is easy to deceive oneself to believe that the situation will remain as it is. As someone who has a home in Switzerland it could be, he has calculated his landing without our knowledge. The povo is hungry and it is the stomach that will inform him/her to brave it to the streets, we have lost so much, we cannot continue to be onlookers how our country's resources are squandered by the few, whereas the majority squat and squalor. We are tired of being tired. This Finance ministry post will haunt Mthuli Ncube forever. He will realize late that he may not be able to get employed in any of the banking and academic institutions in the world.   

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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