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Chamisa's MDC-A should give Zimbabwe a break

19 Oct 2020 at 05:14hrs | Views
ON October 25, Zimbabwe will be walking tall, arm in arm with its regional partners in calling for the unconditional removal of illegal sanctions imposed on the country by Western nations that seek to continue controlling other sovereign countries through proxies.

The regional solidarity that reverberates across the continent is one of the stand-out achievements of the Second Republic's  re-engagements efforts. Although the Anti-Sanctions Day has found resonance in the country, as expressed by businesses, churches and other political players, puppets and their puppeteers are plotting a charade.

In fact, its  a circus that seeks to create a distraction from the broader and bigger picture of standing against the US and its allies. It is unsurprising that the puppet opposition, as embodied by Mr Nelson Chamisa, who is on the verge of sinking with his ship, is planning demonstrations on the crucial day, as he typically goes against the grain.

In the process of his planned theatrics, the troubled MDC-A leader is exposing to the whole world that his party is for the maintenance and sustenance of the illegal sanctions that are retarding the country's economic progression. His actions have never been for the welfare of black Zimbabweans.

As an opposition the MDC-A does not commiserate with the suffering masses who are bearing the brunt of the illegal economic sanctions as they have to make do without essentials including medicines due to deprivation spawned by two decades of economic sanctions.

If African leaders like Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Tanzanian President John Magufuli could unreservedly condemn sanctions using international forums such as the United Nations General Assembly to call for the removal of the spiteful sanctions, why is the opposition so adamant that they should stay? Whose interests is the MDC Alliance serving and why are they seeking to hog the limelight on an important occasion that has assumed the status of a national holiday?

Typically, they are plotting to derail the country's re-engagement efforts because they are aware that the successes will confine them to history dustbins. Last week a small fraction of former commercial farmers, who include known MDC-A activists resolved to de-campaign the country and the stance by the MDC-A to try and bulldoze themselves on the national stage on October 25 should be viewed in that prism.

Hopefully, the law will be applied sternly to deal decisively with these prima donnas, who fake abductions so as to solicit global sympathy, now they stand alone, quite naked and would wish to sneak their nefarious agenda on the country's calendar.

That cannot be because such elements have no space in Zimbabwe because their evil machinations situate them as unpatriotic beings whose bread is buttered by the same nations that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe as punishment for the land reform programme.

That the MDC-A is a pawn of the Western nations in their efforts to subjugate and yet again control the country through proxies is manifested in the party's choices, stark among those being its intention to divert attention on October 25. However, Zimbabweans, including supporters of the MDC-A who are apparently seeing the light and consequently jumping off Mr Nelson Chamisa's sinking ship, should resist attempts to be used to demonise their motherland for a few trinkets.

Zimbabweans from across the political divide have been adversely affected by these illegal sanctions and we therefore appeal to the Government to expedite the passing of the Patriotic Bill into law for there  is need to ensure that malcontents do not continue to besmirch the country with no consequence.

Instead of singing from the same national hymn book, stooges of Western countries are at the forefront of creating sideshows. They have in the past opposed the land reform and continue to oppose the sanctity of human life through calling for demonstrations, breaching the World Health Organisation rules and regulations on containing and curbing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

From past experiences, the MDC-A organised demonstrations have led to the wanton destruction of property, disruption of peace and attempts to subvert a constitutionally elected Government.

Such actions should not be allowed to happen and should be resisted by all progressive Zimbabweans because they are counter-productive, hopefully the law will be applied to ensure peace prevails and afford Zimbabweans a platform to tell the Western world that sanctions are unjust, inhumane, retrogressive and also blind to the political and economic reforms that have been initiated by the Second Republic.

We are aware that the MDC-A is seething angry by such reforms as the Global Compensation Deed, because they have been stripped of their ammunition that there is no constitutionalism in Zimbabwe, and it is for that reason they are now prancing about trying to create diversions from the real issue on the ground, which is the unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions.

The MDC-A represents every idea that is opposed to democracy and aspirations of the broader masses. Other parties like the National Constitutional Assembly and the Dr Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T have spoken against the illegal sanctions.

Renegades like Mr Chamisa and his hangers-on have never raised a voice to condemn same, but have instead decided to play a brinkmanship game that will undoubtedly result in their demise.

All Zimbabweans must see the MDC-A for what it is, a mercenary outfit that is here to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle as it dances to the whims and caprices of neo-colonialists.

Source - the herald
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