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Zim sanctions a CIA regime change agenda project

29 Oct 2020 at 10:02hrs | Views
The illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe are a CIA regime change agenda project being spearheaded by the African-American USA Ambassador to Harare, Brian Nichols, with the assistance of his MDC-Alliance running dog partners, a senior Zanu PF official has said.

This was said by the ruling Party's Acting Spokesperson, Cde Patrick Chinamasa during during the Zanu PF Weekly Press Brief held at the Party Headquarters this Wednesday.

Cde Chinamasa also took time to remind the American government that while the CIA strategy had worked in other countries such as Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan it would not succeed in Zimbabwe.

He also noted that the sanctions on Zimbabwe were are illegal under international law and targeted at collapsing the country economic pillars in pursuit of the regime change agenda.

"In international relations we are all equal any punishment of this nature can only be authorised by the UN. These sanctions were unilaterally imposed upon us by countries which want to change our policies and achieve regime change agenda.

"And of course we are very clear that in the case of the USA they push their regime change agenda through CIA and so when you hear the U.SA Ambassador speaking on Zimbabwe justifying sanctions on Zimbabwe beside what we now know what he is doing to finance some private individuals to do online anti-Zimbabwe narrative. He is undertaking a CIA regime change agenda and he is at the forefront of that initiative.

"You need understand when he speaks he is not speaking like a normal diplomat. A normal diplomat comes to a country to promote good relations. In this case he is coming openly to promote the regime change on Zimbabwe which we have seen happen in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and., Syria. In all these cases the first front runner in effecting the regime change agenda is always the CIA. So we must understand him. I feel sorry for him especially considering that he is African-American, that he is used in this manner and that he can descend so low and to lie that imposing sanctions on AgriBank is a violation of human rights. I didn't think he will sink this low," said the tough talking Cde Chinamasa.

Cde Chinamasa also highlighted that Anti-Sanctions Movement which was now officially recognised every 25th of October by SADC was fast gaining traction

"I want to take this opportunity to thank and express ZANU PF appreciation for the solidarity anti- sanctions messages which were given by the Presidency of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Namibia, and Botswana and also beyond the SADC region and Africa.

"We had the solidarity messages coming from the People's Republic of China and the Federation of Russia. And also from many movements internationally and globally we want to express our appreciation that they came out clearly to support our messages in demanding the unconditional removal of sanctions," he said.

Cde Chinamasa said in Zimbabwe pro-sanction voice was only echoing from the weakening MDC-Alliance.

"Locally, we still have very a strong but weakening pro-sanctions movement that is the MDC-Alliance.

They are demanding sanctions. Take note of that they remain anti-people and do not support the economic empowerment of the people. They continue to support measures that hurts the Zimbabwean population. But we know of course that they are not their own people they are surrogates of the countries which imposed sanction on Zimbabwe. They are merely running dogs of imperialists and colonialists," he said.

Cde Chinamasa went on to dismiss the U.S.A and European Union narratives that the sanction were targeted.

"There has been a narrative which I thought I should take this opportunity to counter. The narrative is that sanctions are targeted against individuals and entities in violation with human rights. Of course they are targeted. Targeted against economic pillars of the country with the intention to collapse the economy of this county. With the intention to effect regime change.

"I will just pick up few examples of companies and entities which were under sanctions, some were removed and some were left. AgriBank was put under sanctions. AgriBank is in the business of lending money to farmers. This was the entity which should have empowered the new black farmers who benefited under the Land Reform Programme. Now I ask the question in what way is AgriBank violating human rights. Is lending to black farmers a violation of human rights?

"Also you have companies Sables, Chemplex, Zimbabwe Feritiliser Company, (ZFC). These are fertilisers companies, manufacturers and distributors. Again I ask the question in what way did the manufacturer of fertilisers to give to new farmers a violation of human rights, a violation of freedom of expression," Cde Chinamasa rhetorically asked.

He added: "Let those who propound and propagate the sanctions narrative explain to us in what way they are targeted. They collapsed ZiscoSteel because it is critical to have a steel industry in a country. I want to expose the hypocrisy behind the narrative that sanctions are targeted. They are indeed targeted but targeted to collapse pillar of our economy."

Source - David Mwanza
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