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Over the moon Trump lost 2020, his 'America (cum Trump) first' divided free world - folly to tempt providence again

09 Nov 2020 at 08:14hrs | Views
It was not until Friday evening 6th November 2020, three full day after the voting date, that it was finally clear Joe Biden had won the USA presidential election. I was over the moon with joy and, like millions in the free-world and billions of others aspiring for freedom, finally heaved a sigh of relief!

Four years of President Donald Trump in White House had been a nightmare and the prospect of another four years of Trump was unthinkable!

The election of Trump in 2016 was a big mistake, it was just one example when even a healthy, tried and tested functioning democratic system can get it wrong. Trump is not a democrat, he has no respect for the rule of law, justice and does not care about the best interest of the commonwealth.

The world has had a taste of what Trump meant with his "America first!" slogan. He has unpicked America's relationship with its competitors not in the spirit of win-win but America wins and you lose. He had trading war with China and America's western allies alike.

The Americans themselves soon learned what a ruthless operator Trump was as it became clear that "America first!" had Siamese twin "Trump first!" The shameless political shenanigan by President Donald Trump to pressure Ukraine and others to blacken his political rivals and help him win the elections has once again tarnished the office of USA President. The only other person to do the same was Richard Nixon Never with the Watergate scandal.

"Whatever may appear to have been the case before, whatever improper activities may yet be discovered in connection with this whole sordid affair, I want the American people, I want you to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that during my term as President, justice will be pursued fairly, fully, and impartially, no matter who is involved. This office is a sacred trust and I am determined to be worthy of that trust," announced President Nixon in August 1974.

"There can be no whitewash at the White House!"

The sordid details of the scandal did come out and it was clear that he had, all along, known of the plan to gain electoral advantage over his opponents by criminal means and then hide the truth.

Nixon resigned before he was impeached. Trump was impeach but got away with it only because the Senate was controlled by the Republicans, his political party.

Richard Nixon's August 1974 speech has been dubbed "I am not a crook!" Events proved that he was indeed a crook. President Trump's arrogant dismissal of the whole Ukraine sordid affair and many others beside showed he really did not care. His whole demeanour said it all "I am a crook, so what!"

Trump's presidency divided America along its fault line - race. All the work done heal the nation by the successive generations since President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery was all being undone before our own eyes. President Trump was fanning the racial war for his own political gain. "Trump first!"

A navel gazing America, much worse one at war with itself and its on allies for the last thing the free world want. The anarchists will pounce and chaos and war will rule the day.   

Like it or not America is the leader of the free and democratic world. America represents justice, freedom, democracy, good governance and economic prosperity for the many. Or, as the French revolution would put, America represents "Liberté, égalité and fraternité!" Having an anarchist like Trump in White House had put all that on the line.

Knowing what a serious threat to freedom, liberty, etc. Trump had been these last four years; to have elect him for four more years  would have been reckless and attempting providence. In the highest ever voter turnout, the Americans gave Trump his marching orders to vacate the White House! And the free world heaved a sigh of relief!

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