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MRP fight to end Corruption at Lupane Registry Office pays off

22 Nov 2020 at 07:09hrs | Views
MRP sometime in June last year raised a red flag on the rampant corruption scandal at Lupane Registry office which is the Headquarters of Matebeleland North.

The then acting Registrar General of Matebeleland North Mr Willard James Sayenda who served with decades without requisite academic qualifications has been demoted to a lesser influential post of Acting UMguza District Registrar.

Many people from Lupane and Matebeleland North complained for so long about the tribalistic tendencies and Corruption by Sayenda using his political connections within Zanu-PF to cover his dirty shenanigans. At one point Sayenda registered a Pakistan citizen Shollcat Saleem, as a Sibanda with ID number 41-116336- T- 41 in Lupane Registry offices. Using his Zanu-PF political connections. He was never arrested neither was he investigated.

Willard Sayenda would connive with his homeboy/girls culprits to dupe the poor villagers. Him, Victor Memory Muchemwa, Evelyn Chivasa came from Masvingo province.

As MRP working with the Lupane community we are glad that we fought a good fight as the government ended up bowing down to the pressure we exerted to have Sayenda demoted. The culprits used to make the clients pay an amount equivalent to $100 usd as bribery for emergency passports whereby then Lupane Passport office was issuing 15 emergency passports per day and 75 per week and this meant that these criminals were making around $7500 United States Dollars per week and $30 000 usd per month from the poor and the desperate people.

At one point the office ended up no longer serving the locals from Matebeleland but would serve their friends and relatives from Mashonaland and Masvingo making them to pay these exorbitant bribes.

The madness came to stop when the community engaged Mthwakazi Republic Party which exposed the rot and caused the authorities from Harare to act and the audit was instituted. During the reign of Sayenda in Lupane offices many Ndebele staff workers were either transferred to remote areas or hindered to be promoted.

We welcome the reshuffle that took place at Lupane Registry office where Innocent Dumani has taken over from the demoted Willard James Sayenda effective from 01November 2020. As his appointment is substantive. We are also encouraged by the fair number of Mthwakazi people who were promoted.

We have been monitoring and assessing the effects of the changes and we are glad to say the situation on the ground is very much encouraging and we urge the new appointees to shun corruption, and to serve the communities of Matebeleland North with due diligence and honor.

On the other hand we still reiterate that Victor Memory Muchemwa, Evelyn Chivasa be moved out of Matebeleland North to curb zero tolerance on corruption as the duo and the demoted Sayenda were the masters of corruption at Lupane Registry office. We also call upon the authorities to relook at the unfair transfers that were instituted mainly to Ndebele speaking workers due to lack of professionalism and tribalism by the Sayenda team.

Yesterday the 20th of November 2020 MRP President Mqondisi Moyo and his security details toured Lupane where they were invited by the community leaders for an interactive meeting. The President took it upon himself to visit Lupane Registry office where he witnessed efficiency and positive service by the government workers within the government complex. It is clear that the major shake up brought about positive results.

At a closed door meeting with the President, the community leaders thanked the MRP president and the party at large for being the voice and the Hope of Mthwakazi people and urged the president to soldier on even if the odds are against us.

The leaders were quick to raise a lot of irregularities taking place in Lupane where most of the residential and business stands are accessed by the peoples from Mashonaland. The other stinking point which was raised by the community leaders to the president was the sprouting of Shona led Churches in Lupane mainly the John Masowe sects and the leaders revealed that most of these churches are headed by the members of the Cios and the ZRP.

In response the MRP president reminded the community leaders that the sprouting of these Mashonaland churches are the fulfillment of the 1979 Grandplan where it is stated that Shonas should take over the dominance of Mthwakazi including the running of the Churches where Ndebele pastors will be relegated to assistant pastors or less inferior positions, surprisingly there is no sprouting of the Ndebele led Churches in Mashonaland. The president went on to highlight that the challenges of Shona Churches is all over Mthwakazi as in Bulawayo all the industries have been converted to Harare Churches whereas these pastors will be heard saying they are praying for the economic revival of Zimbabwe whilst they pray in the buildings which are meant to be producing for the country and on the other hand Churches do not pay taxes since they are non profit making organizations.

The community leaders also complained about the awarding of tenders to only Shona speaking people at the expense of the locals. They cited Lupane State University headed by Professor Pardon Kuipa who always award tenders to his kith and kin from Mashonaland. Also they said they are not happy about the awarding of Lupane Methane Gas tender to Sakunda a Shona company. Lastly they said they feel the government is slowly parceling out Matebeleland North to the Chinese who together with Shonas are causing havoc in Matebeleland North.

In response to all these submissions, the MRP president Mqondisi Moyo briefly responded and said Badala Sisonke Sibambene SinguMthwakazi Sesikulungisa and challenged the leaders that the strength of the oppressor is with the oppressed mind. The president assured the elders that MRP is there to bring Mthwakazi Independence without a compromise, citing how rich is the whole of Mthwakazi where 60% of resources that sustain Zimbabwe are tapped from Mthwakazi but its people are poor and treated as second class citizens.
The MRP president further challenged people to understand that only unity of purpose will serve Mthwakazi and all our problems do not need us to be in parliament but to apply Chapter 14 of the current Zimbabwe constitution which speaks of Devolution of power which says it will be implemented when the appropriate time comes. The president said the appropriate time has finally come and it is now

The leaders also thanked the president and the party for fighting with the Mlamuli community in 2016 to remove Millet Bonyongwe who used to torment the parents and children at Mlamuli Secondary School.

The leaders on their closing remarks assured the MRP leader that their hope now lies with MRP 2which is the only party with Mthwakazi people at heart. They lashed out at MDC and Zanu-PF stating that the two parties are the replica of each other.

Thanking the community leaders for the invitation to him the MRP president said there is no way Mthwakazi people can participate or contribute in removing Zanu-PF as it both Shonas in Zanu-PF and MDC together with Britain who ushered Zanu-PF into power in 1980 robbing Zapu of its resounding victory. The president assured the leaders that self determination is the ultimate goal for Mthwakazi people as this is achievable in our lifetime as long as Mthwakazi people have faith in themselves and desist from supporting the Mashonaland led political parties masquerading as National Political parties when they are the most tribalistic parties. The president reiterated that MRP continues to make a lot of inroads in the quest for Mthwakazi independence as this will be witnessed after the lockdown.

The meeting ended with both parties concurring that the time is now or never as we intensify the struggle and leave a legacy for the forthcoming generations.

For Peace and Justice in Our Lifetime.

Sisonke Sibambene SinguMthwakazi Sesikulungisa.

MRP Office of the Presidency.

Source - MRP Office of the Presidency
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