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Chamisa's MDC morphs into a terrorist ragtag?

26 Nov 2020 at 07:10hrs | Views
A young politician with vibrancy is what many people thought of the advocate-cum-pastor and leader of a party that some believed was the true voice of an alternative logic.

Nelson Chamisa found favour with the late Morgan Tsvangirai and in the process found himself elevated to a level above his wits and demeanour. Chamisa's rise to the position of second or third vice-president by an unconstitutional appointment remains a mystery and a dagger in the spine of the MDC-T.

What is clear is that the move to appoint Elias Mudzuri and Chamisa to the vice-presidency of the MDC-T was a catastrophic move by an opposition which had shown the stamina to fight for the political space in Zimbabwe. Stable, political pluralism is the quest any modern democracy would certainly need and that can guarantee peace.

Zimbabwean politics has been dominated by Zanu-PF whose mainstay is the revolutionary heritage. By design, or by default, the MDC has become a self-confessed front for destabilisation on many fronts and a rich ground for the remnant of the grotesque and diabolic race dehumanisation of western renegades.

This background to Zimbabwe's politics is very important to articulate because the voice of the MDC has become synonymous with an outcry for recolonisation of a sovereign independent Zimbabwe.

Presently, the high priest of the repulsive retrogressive agenda is the self-confessed apologist of the narcissist Donald Trump whose dictatorial tendencies are shaming America is Nelson Chamisa.

If one doubted how much Chamisa was schooled in Trumpism, one would be more than convinced reflecting the recent elections of November 2020 in the US where all that Chamisa said and did before, during and after the 2018 elections in Zimbabwe was replayed more glaringly with such impunity by Chamisa's papa.

The selfishness, arrogance and the feeling of being the centre of the world and a law unto themselves makes Nelson a classic replica of Donald Trump. One would notice that in all the efforts by Nelson Chamisa, the nation should have no peace unless he is at a helm.

His quest for power and the shameless acts have driven Chamisa into various pacts like a desperate prostitute submitting to anyone who can pay to commit sins.

The desperation of Nelson Chamisa has not only exposed his naivety as a politician, but has brought him square into treasonous acts of terrorism in an attempt to force his way to State House.

Government seems to have been too tolerant in dealing with his unguarded utterances and staged moves to portray torturous acts of the government. Failed mission

One might ask why Nelson Chamisa cruising in his political omnibus is a failed hangman. Surely, every effort has been made by the MDCs to suffocate the country, especially the rainbow MDC Alliance with the help of the bandits who sneaked out of the country having broken ranks with Zanu-PF.

The G40 cabal's senior politicians have been cheering Chamisa hoping that he could restore them to their heyday when they were the law unto themselves.

Being gullible, Chamisa has been supping with the devil and planning evil, failing to realise that the fallen angels were never committed to the people, but their own selfish interests. He thought he could use them as one of the platforms to elevate himself.

Unfortunately, the idea is so toxic that it chokes the support Nelson Chamisa used to enjoy. Some in the MDC Alliance ranks are of the view that Chamisa is a creation of G40 meant to provide a dignified exit in case life became sour in Zanu-PF as it eventually did.

The machinations of MDC stretch back to 2000 when the party made sanctions against their own country a cardinal policy of the party. Having failed to remove the ruling party from power the top brass of the MDC packed bags and started globe-trotting on a treasonous mission of debasing national pride by campaigning for sanctions and labelling the country a pariah state.

Stepping on Tsvangirai's coffin grabbing Khupe and Mudziri's throats Statements during elections Election kindergarten politics False kidnaps Threats of violence Acts of terrorism Risk to society through senseless demos Demeaning women Now the leaked audio of the MDC Alliance Bulawayo women's wing chairperson Tendai Masotsha has exposed the shenanigans of the MDC.

Tendai claimed that Tawanda Muchehiwa was arrested by State security agents after they uncovered his role in an alleged plot to bomb Government buildings. The idea of anarchy has been in the MDC for a long time. MDC has wings of violent people called the vanguards.

They strive in violence and have murdered a lot of innocent Zimbabweans. In a bid to gain the sympathy of the West. The audio by Ms Masotsha confirmed what has already been known that the MDC-A is a terrorist organisation and anti-establishment outfit.

In an audio recording circulated Monday evening, Masotsha said she had warned Chamisa's right hand man, Jameson Timba, that she would soon go public with the terrorism claims if the party did not persuade ZimLive editor Mduduzi Mathuthu, Muchehiwa's uncle, to stop linking her to the abduction.

Mathuthu has been playing a big role of spreading wrong and misleading information about Zimbabwe.

Ms Masotsha went on to say "Ndakamutaurira Timba kuti vakaramba vachindiisa mukona ndinotaura zvese kuti vaida kuita bomb Government buildings uye kuti ane vanhu 20 vaida kumubetsera (I told Timba that if they continue pushing me into a corner, I will reveal everything and their plans to bomb government buildings. Tawanda told me he had 20 other people who were going to help him)", she says in the recording.

This audio recording has shown what the MDC is planning at a higher level to cause mayhem in Zimbabwe. This is why Masotsha, a senior party leader, kept information about an alleged terrorist plot away the security department.

MDC is in itself a terrorist party which thrives on violence. The audio exposes the plot and connivance between some lawyers and MDC when they forced her to lie about an abduction.

She refused to put on record that the intelligence operative who had later taken her to Bulawayo police station was the same man who had seized Muchehiwa from the vehicle from which they were sitting together.  

The lawyers wanted to make a case against the CIO by fabricating and embellishing evidence.

Despite Masotsha being cleared to return to party work by Harare, newly released documents show sharp differences with Bulawayo about her role in the abduction with calls for her to be removed from her position. People must not lose sight to the fact that The MDC Alliance surprisingly have refused to answer any further media questions on the matter.

The actions of the MDC are best described as terrorism which is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as "the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

While the nation prays for peace MDC A agitates for war. Since the new dispensation MDC A has incited people to cause violence. It led a group of hooligans towards the election command centre in Harare leading to violent clashes with the Police.

They again led violent demonstrations against fuel price hikes leading to destruction of property and loss of life. Now they are receiving wads of cash to burn government buildings.

They recruit young boys like Muchehiwa. Mathuthu gave his public support and it is well known that he is the spokesperson of Jonathan Moyo.

In a very selfish way he recruits his cousin and does not use any of his siblings. This is how MDC has always worked. They use others and later call them stupid.

It is our humble hope as a nation that this time the terrorists must be arrested. Zimbabwean peace must not be compromised. Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in the whole world.

Source - the herald
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