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Operation restore legacy was a no brainer

30 Nov 2020 at 17:10hrs | Views
This regime that looked democratic in appearance but grounded in authoritarian rule is a time bomb and waiting for the right time to explode.

The country also looked like a civilian regime where everything was run by civilians in which democratic institutions exist in form but not in substance, because the electoral, legislative, judicial, media, and other institutions are so heavily skewed in favor of current military power holders. To be precise we have what we call a captured state.

The country's political, social and economic stature is burning and in a catastrophic inferno.

The operation restore legacy was a masquarade and a farce. It was a power struggle within the two warring camps called G40 and Team Lacoste.

Zanu PF government is a power monger. The Operation Restore Legacy was all about satisfying their self ego and consolidating their appetite for power not national development as expected.

Since President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa took over from the late Robert Mugabe through a coup, things started getting worse and even Zanu PF supporters have admitted that Mugabe the dictator was far much better than what they are experiencing right now.

People are struggling to survive with an inflation rate of 746.75%/year. Life has become so unbearable in Zimbabwe. The ruling party tried the introduction of #POLAD in order to lure the international community to appear as if there is unity between the ruling party and the opposition but all went up in the smoke. Something is missing within this leadership.

The November 2017 was aptly designed to shift political power from one factional group to the other and it was not meant to restore legacy as expoused by Zanu PF led government.

It was a factional war between Team Lacoste and G40 and had nothing to do with the welfare of ordinary suffering Zimbabweans who are living in abject poverty.

It is so sad to learn that the army through Constantino Guvheya Chiwengwa was used to fight the other faction which has gained ground and traction to take over from the aging and frail Robert Mugabe.

There were no contigent plans designed or put in place soon after the taking over hence this government is struggling to connect the dots.

To show that there was nothing like restoration of legacy , Zimbabweans continue to wallow in poverty and with a number of young people braving the crocodile infested Limpopo river jumping the borders to seek for greener pastures as hunger and unemployment strike in the country.

Things have only got worse and it looks like the current so called new republic does not have any clue on how to fix this country's ailing economy. All hope has been lost and the same applies to the foreign investors who celebrated thinking that time was now ripe to do business with Zimbabwe under the new leadership but alas that was a false start.

In this operation restore legacy Zimbabweans were sold a dummy or in other street lingo the people kicked a flat ball without pressure and did not go anywhere.

The Zanu PF leadership resembles of an engine which has worn out rings and needs a complete overhaul. The country is sinking deep into economic quagmire.

What kind of legacy was restored by this new republic when members of the opposition continue to be harassed,  arrested and jailed for demonstrating against poor governance, looting and corruption?

There is no restoration of legacy when the whole government awards licenses to six national free-to air commercial television without even awarding a single television license to the opposition. Such face powder media reforms are just an embarrassment to the nation.

During Mugabe' era we did not see the army shooting civilians like what the people noticed in 2018 and 2019. Then what legacy was restored?

Zimbabweans must unite and put to task and interrogate this government for selling them a dummy.


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