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When the US media is captured!

06 Dec 2020 at 08:19hrs | Views
When my mentor, Eddison Zvobgo, returned to his hotel room in London after the Lancaster House Conference, he was met with delirious laughter from his English friend. The cause of laughter was Zvobgo's assertion that the Lancaster Constitution was foolproof.

The American founding fathers, likewise, thought that the media was the guardian of truth, and confirmed this protection by the Title V which reads thus: "Congress shall make no law concerning the press."

Aha! It never occurred to them that the press could be virulently corrupted or bought by interests vying for power. When one hears that 99% of the American media is anti-Republican and anti-conservative, it seems like a nightmare from George Orwell's book.

I was listening to an interview of a Georgia electoral Commissioner. he had 26 batches of votes, each containing 500 ballots.

"how many batches do you have now?" the interviewer asked.

"I have 15," he answered.

"how many are you missing?" "I am missing 11," he answered. "Where are the 11 batches now?"

The commissioner slid into a dark room and was not seen again.

The news bulletin came after. "Mr Trump is making unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud in Georgia."

The television is backed up by the New York Times in an editorial, November 6. All the surrogates chime in. "There is no evidence of cheating, no evidence of rigging," and I am asked to ignore what I saw in the interview.

"Ken, you did not see no nothing," to put it in Black English. Alright, alright, I keep my silence.

We are watching the votes as they come in. Arizona has a million votes still outstanding, largely in rural farmland, which, of course, is derisively called Trump country. The news moguls come again.

"Biden is projected to win. Trump must concede." Consider the facts, there a million votes still to come, Trump must concede.

Then there is a long-drawn-out counting. The vote was certified on December 1, almost a month after the election. The rule of thumb is that if an election takes more than a day to count, somebody is cooking up the figures somewhere.

Biden flipped the state of Wisconsin (96% white) by 20 000 votes from Trump. The absentee ballot laws require an application, a handwritten signature on the ballot itself and an address on the outside envelope.

Of the 221 000 mail-in ballots involved, the audit says the following: "In many cases, witness addresses were left out of the envelopes, and clerks, using their own knowledge, cured the ballots."

In addition, ballots arriving after the deadline were thrown into the mix anyhow.

here is the juicy part. The Wisconsin Supreme Court accepted the findings but said it was nobody's business anyhow.

Another juicy bit of information comes from the same audit. Democrats collected votes (called voter harvesting) from the "physically ill, infirm, elderly or disabled", and added the indefinitely confined (mentally ill).

It makes a lot of sense why Democrats did not want any verification of signatures, addresses or other pertinent information.

In defence, Democrats will moralise as follows: "You want to stop people from voting!" This is said with such anger and venom that there is no room for discussion. Or here is another one I find amusing.

The questioner will be asked in a no-nonsense approach: "Are you supporting Trump?"

The questioner forgets that

Trump people live in the US and have a right to be there and to vote for Trump if they choose. now that is getting outside the parameters of civilisation.

Sister Joey Reed, anchor at National Broadcasting Corporation, asked whether Trump's supporters must be allowed back into civilisation after Biden's inauguration.

That is the gist of the Democratic mind.

The Dominion Voter Machines (DVM) were used in five states. The manufacturer is associated with Venezuela's former president Hugo Chavez. Attorney Sidney Potter says that the DVM (akin to the Israeli Nikuv Incorporated used in Zimbabwe) uses algorithms to favour a pre-denominated winner. however, in Georgia, it favoured Biden in rural areas where Trump's supporters would have been more than 80%.

The machines, overwhelmed, crashed.

The Washington Post says that such assertions are nonsense. "There is no evidence that the DVS is connected to Venezuela in any meaningful way. There is no evidence that any such changes (algorithms) were made."

The Post writer, Philip Bump, ends with their theme song that the allegations are unsubstantiated. he does not explain to us how he, in his office, has decided that there is no meaningful connection between DVS and Venezuela apparatchiks.

When the Pennsylvania Legislature Committee called DVS officers to testify, at first they appeared in the room, and then walked away. They have now disappeared into Canada.

A very interesting piece came from former security advisor Susan Rice.

Rice wants Republicans to accept Biden's victory. "Republicans continue to parrot false denials of the validity of President-elect Joe Biden's clear victory," she said.

Secondly, she accuses Trump supporters of concocting conspiracy theories of foreign assistance for Biden from Ukraine.

It was the former administration with the help of the media that for three years set up and concocted conspiracy theories that Trump was a Russian spy. We can name the senior counsellor in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Peter Stryzk, and his girlfriend Lisa Page taking out an insurance policy to defenestrate Trump if he were elected to the presidency.

We also know, from a leaked memo, that on October 16, 2016, The New York Times editorial board met. According to the memo, the editors were told that "these were unusual times" and all caution must be thrown to the wind. everything must be done to prevent, and if elected, to overthrow Trump.

Some realisations come late in life. The Roman philosopher Cicero foresaw circumstances where the guardians could be corrupt. Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Who will guard the guardians?


Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He can be reached at

Source - The Standard
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