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The factions exposed during DCCs must be dealt with now

09 Dec 2020 at 15:24hrs | Views
There are two primary causes for voter apathy: alienation and voter fatigue. Alienation is defined as,the sense that voters feel like the political system does not work for them and any attempt to influence it will be a fruitless exercise." This could be due to many factors.Political apathy can lead to low voter turnout and stagnation in a state's government. Political apathy can lead to a loss of democracy and respondents mentioned it can also have social and psychological damage due to lack of personal political interaction.

The just ended DCCs brought serious voter alienation? In political science, political alienation refers to an individual voter's relatively enduring sense of estrangement from, or rejection of, the prevailing political system. voter apathy is a lack of interest among voters in the elections of representative democracies.Voter apathy or lack of interest is often cited as a cause of low turnout among eligible voters in jurisdictions where voting is optional, and the donkey vote where voting is compulsory. This phenomenon occurs to some extent across all party's or entities where citizens are able to vote. Voter apathy has led to increased concerns regarding representative democracies because election results do not encompass the entire population who are eligible to vote. Voter fatigue describes a possible cause of voter apathy, which are elections that are held too frequently.

Political alienation may be confused with voter apathy. Sometimes, alienated voters do care about an election, but feel "estranged or disaffected from the system or somehow left out of the political process."
The ZANU (PF) DCC elections in most districts started on 05 December 2020 and were concluded on 06 December 2020. The elections were presided over by Politburo members, selected by the Commissariat. The elections countrywide exposed the different camps. Most were the camps belonging to the party ZANU PF AND  the other showed some individuals who have formed their own power bases. They have ideas of using the DCCs to create their power bases. These individuals caused a lot of confusion. The other group was a group which simply wanted to prove that nothing will work. It means that there are individuals within the party who are fighting the NPC CDE Matemadanda.

We had some clear divisions in Chipinge were two camps competing came out. There was a faction led MABIKA this faction is known as Mabika camp which is led by the ZANU (PF) Provincial Vice Chairperson, Dorothy MABIKA and the other faction came to be known as PORUSINGAZI camp which is led by the Chipinge South legislator, Enock PORUSINGAZI who was the right hand man of the former NPC Saviour Kasukuwere.  Porusingazi again has now switched his allegience to the ZANU PF chairperson Chairman Kashiri.  Manicaland has skeletons which must be removed in order to unite the party. The happenings in Manicaland and the failure to call it to order will cost us as a party. This is a no bare article and many will be offended.
Chipinge District saw over thirty six polling officers in Chipinge

The voting process begun on 05 December 2020 with the arrival of the presiding officers from Zimunya/Marange and Chimanimani districts. The deployment of polling officers and the dispatching of voting material to their respective polling centres across the district began on 05 December 2020 at 1200hrs.

Ugly scenes were seen when a group of people in
Chipinge South and Musikavanhu constituencies failed to vote on the first day as the PORUSINGAZI faction boycotted the elections citing the existence of parallel structures aligned to the MABIKA faction.  They publicly denounced Matemadanda the NPC. The situation was served by the hard hitting leadership of the politburo member and the former NPC Major General Rugeje retired. After Rugeje put his foot down the voting started the following day. If the behaviour of Porusingazi is not checked ZANU PF will lose voters in 2023.   The repeat of Chipinge North were ZANU PF members openly campaigned for MDC thus making  cde Win Mlambo lose the City to an MDC STOOGE.  So that the district must be called to order it is not a secret that cde Chipo Museredza openly campaigned against Win Mlambo in 2018  Mlambo losing to Mlambo by 33 votes.
Back to the DCC Voting only took place on 06 December 2020 after the intervention of CHAKANYUKA who claimed to have received instructions from His Excellency President Emmerson MNANGAGWA that elections be conducted with the individualsAs a result elections continued with only members of the MABIKA faction participating in Chipinge South.   This left a division which the party must mend.
Some members  did not cast their votes citing irregularities on names which did not correspond to identification documents numbers and some members not appearing in the Party structures.
It emerged that the staff was in some districts working so hard while others deliberately slowed dow in order to  sabotage the NPC.  
Some factions in the party do not like Matemadanda and they de campaigned the whole process in order to heap the blame on Matemadanda. The DCCs have shown that Matemadanda's position is eyed by many big wigs. We just thank God for the president and his choice and trust on Matemadanda to be NPC.
We must note without bias that The election were marred by a lot of challenges that affected the smooth running of the elections. It emerged during elections that some big wigs bulldozed and used manipulated Party registers
There were challenges throughout the districts whereby the registers that were availed by the polling officers were different from those that were in possession of the local Party district executive members. This resulted in some members failing to vote while in other areas some people ended up protesting to vote. In Chipinge there were widespread allegations of the use of parallel structures by the MABIKA camp.
The party has been warned several times to resolve issue of parallel structures  this pointed  to the failures by the ZANU (PF) Party to carry out verification exercise of the structures before the elections. This led to the failure to vote by Party members who could not find their names in the manipulated Party registers.
In some areas there were Missing Party registers.
The missing of the Party registers raised suspicion among the members of the camps who believed to have an upper hand in the area. In some areas there was a very direct involvement of local ZANU (PF) Provincial members in the election process despite the fact that they were interested parties.
For example the ZANU (PF) Provincial vice Secretary for Legal Affairs, Adam CHIMWAMUROMBE, was in charge of distribution of ballot papers for Chipinge West while his wife, Juliet MHLANGA, was a candidate for the position of Secretary for Transport and Social Welfare. This brings confusion in the minds of many party members. Shortage of ballot papers was seen in many areas  through out the country.
In some wards, ballot papers dispatched to the polling centres were insufficient.  This was difficult to know if it was deliberate or clear sabotage.
Many areas saw delays in despatching polling officers and elections started very late.
What has become clear is that most party leaders lie to the president with a straight face. They so not wish to tell the President the truth.  In their reporting to the president they cast a very smooth efficient election process. This is shooting ourselves in the foot. The politics of lying should be discarded. This is the time to carry on a postmortem with a view of making right what os wrong.
There are big wigs who believe that the president should only be fed with lies. The reports which reach the president are massaged controlled an surely cooked. But the cooking is not complete. We mist correct this lying spirit and do the right thing.
The other disappointing feature in the whole election process was the Shortage of Resources and Manpower.
The Party failed to avail adequate material and human resources for the smooth running of the elections. There were no vehicles to ferry polling officers and ballot papers while the deployed polling officers were inadequate and too young and inexperienced. This office observed that the shortage of vehicles resulted in interested parties donating their personal vehicles to carry ballot papers and polling officers to their respective polling stations. Further, the deployment of young and inexperienced polling officers led to inefficiency in the electoral process as well as decision making. In view of this, the election results were compromised leading to contestation by the losing complaints and protests.

If this is not corrected now we will have people who don't vote this not only because they are not interested.
If the bigwigs care for winning we must do something now because voter turnout has decreased and remained low. This decrease coincides with the rise of the internet. Nowadays, more and more people consume information through ‘social media echo chambers', rather than reading daily newspaper headlines or tuning in to the 10 o'clock news.
This means that what individuals see is dictated by algorithms, showing them stories relevant to them, according to what their friends and people they follow share. This has many consequences, but the significant one here is that those that don't want to engage with politics (even with political parties' sophisticated social media targeting) don't have to.
This disinterest in politics is changing, however. Having an efficient poll will encourage many to come and vote.
Many people who don't vote believe they don't understand enough about the government, the election process or individual party policies.
This is largely down to the Our education system, which does not equip students with relevant political knowledge. This when the Chitepo School of ideology should start doing its job.
Without the right political education, young people don't feel able to engage with politics, a fact which has previously impacted young voter turnout.
It's clear a large proportion of the Zimbabwean public have had enough of the ‘political elite', who they neither trust nor relate to.

Many people who don't vote are nonetheless interested in politics and even support a political party, but don't vote because they feel their vote would be wasted.
These are people who live within parliamentary constituencies with safe seats. If these seats have a strong majority for a party they do not support, they may see little point voting.Conservative in 2015, there's little chance this seat would swing drastically any other way any time soon.
Finally, some people don't vote because they simply are not allowed to. Groups of people who are not eligible to vote include members of the House of Lords, most prisoners, and foreign citizens from outside the UK, Ireland, or the Commonwealth.
Perhaps the most important disenfranchised group, however, are those under 18.
 While people lied to the president we must remember that in one province there is a chairperson  who is married but he has a side chick who is his Deputy chair. This destroys the confidence in the party.

Zanu PF is a revolutionary party which has policies and principles.  We must stand up and fight for our party. The trams which are using the DCCs to settle their scores with the NPC are cowards and must indeed get a life.
Things must be sorted now and all those trying to be Demi gods must be shaken to reality.  

We can not afford another mess up and lie to the
 president that all went well. No it was not well. It was hijacked by enemies who are creating their power house.
2023 we need efficiency truth  and reality.  ZANU PF is our party which we can call ours in the whole world.
Lets not lie to the president.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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