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Zanu-PF government scoring own goals

11 Dec 2020 at 08:36hrs | Views
This is pure and refined drama which is being exposed to the majority of Zimbabweans and must be rejected the people are being subjected to.

At the time Zimbabweans thought the government was now reforming and breathing a new political life the opposite was the truth.

The last week's arrest and detention of MDC - Alliance Vice President Mr Tendai Biti on allegations of insulting a Russian national Tatiana Aleshina, a Russian national, who was reportedly whispering information to the prosecution constantly.

This has exposed the new dispensation's hatred of the opposition and selectively application of the law or simply abusing law.

Judging from the way the judiciary or our courta are handling cases involving political members of the opposition, one would conclude that some animals are not equal to others and this reminds me of the novel Animal Farmby George Owerll.

Arrests, harassments,  detentions have become a place, hub or cog of opposition's grilling and burning furnaces.

Police and prison cells are being used to harass, weaken torture the opposition. It has now become so easy for a member of the opposition to be fast tracked to prison  than a member of Zanu PF to be fast tracked to a police interrogation desk.

Vice President Kembo Mohadi threatened his harmless and defenseless wife with an axe and he never got arrested. That is gender based violence at play not fictitious. If the rule of law is genuine in Zimbabwe by now Kembo Mohadi should have been locked or appear before a court.

Another case of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga's ailing wife who is being denied access to her passport so that she can go and receive treatment outside the country, sparks another debate on how some other people are untouchables and above the law.

Members of the opposition are arrrested nearly every month and go through several bail hearings, some being denied bail a number of times and then released after establishing that they had no case to answer.

This demonstrate that there is selective application of law which is being used to persecute the opposition. It really has nothing to do with whether one is guilty or not. It has to do with your political identity.

Instead of investigating who abducted Tendai Muchehiwa using Impala Car Rentals, the government is wasting resources on investigating a fake spurious charge of assault. Since when did CID Law and Order started investigating assault cases? Such arbitrary arrests and trying to silence the opposition is uncalled for. This government can do better than this drama.

Zimbabwean leaders must swallow their pride. The use of state machinery continue to show its ugly face on whoever tries to hold account this government.

There is an urgent need to reform our legal system and amend the court rules.

The arrest and detention of Tendai Biti and Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume is the most regrettable thing to be done by this government.

On Biti, was it a crime to call a person an "idiot". It doesn't even constitute assault under S89 of the Criminal Law and Codification Act. The abuse of the law continues unabated with the sole aim of silencing Tendai Biti and divert attention from the Airport Road scandal which he is unearthing.

At this rate, the law enforcement machinery are sowing seeds of discontentment and hatred.  Being Zanu PF appendages and hit squad the law enforcing agents are now behaving like headless chickens.  Why must they take instructions from Patrick Chinamasa?

The unnecessary attention that Zimbabwe is attracting following the controversial arrest of Tendai Biti is not a surprise. Zanu PF leaders will cry foul when the country is isolated by the international community. Our leaders' propensity to shoot themselves on the foot is so astounding.

A democracy cannot thrive when opposition members and public servants are targeted for exposing corruption. The Human Rights organisations will continue to monitor such kind of abuses being perpetrated by this new republic. A true democracy leaves no space for arbitrary arrests of opposition political figures.

This is from political persecution and people are worried on why Jacob Mafume was incacerated for ywo weeks in remand prison.

This man is innocent and did not commit any crime and it is likely that the case will just die a silent death and will not be convicted even by a kangaroo court.


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