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Who are we Black People?

16 Dec 2020 at 14:37hrs | Views
As black people who really are we when it comes to religion. Asia has Buddhism and Hinduism, the Arab world has Islam, most of Europe is into Christianity. Where is Africa? What is Africans' religion?

Those who claim to be Christians like myself, who repented and were baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will say all changed  when Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins on the Holy Cross. We may have a point here but the same Jesus Christ was refused by his own flesh and blood the Jews, who currently are the best brains on earth and are regarded as God's children. They refused him because they probably expected a tough warrior that would lead them out of the bondage of the Roman Empire, not a spiritual leader as it turned out to be. So, basically, Christianity is a break away religion from Judaism, the Jewish religion.

In every facet of business there is a Jew and he is the richest in that area. Important and life changing IT enovations have come from the Jews. The best and most reliable intelligence organisation in the world is Jewish, the Mosad. Jews started very productive commercial farming in a desert land, using the drip watering system and produced the biggest tomato the world has ever had, the 'money maker'. Jews do not, and this they do emphatically, recognise Jesus Christ as a mediator  to God. Any American government, the world police country, nomatter which political party protects the interests of Jews, both in America and Israel.

It can never be easy, for a fact really for any American president to rule without Jewish recognition and support. Jews don't read the Bible at all, they have their book, the Torah for religious teachings and religious philosophy. Their neighbours, the Arabs have the Koran, they worship Allah and their mediator is Mohammed. Christianity is the biggest religion in the world so far, meaning that it has the largest following, but does it make it an African religion? Don't get me wrong folks, I'm not drawing any conclusions and so don't pull a rug over my face and throw a rotten egg.

Culture forms the language, the religion and the art of life like our music for joy, business times, celebratory times and grieving times.  It's called the dynamics of art and culture. So, without a culture we have no language  and are nobodies. This to me expresses an idea that culture played a very important part in God's plans. Religion is the policeman of culture and helps in the modification of behaviours and character molding.

It should have societal life guiding principles. Then there is globalisation which has become an uncontrollable and influential world fever. I know that these other adopted cultures in Africa came through the purposes and processes of colonization. Are you telling me that God made a mistake in creating our culture? As a human being, you have a free will, and God the Almighty does not force you to do anything.

I believe we labour too much trying to convince each other how to choose a path to God, which I don't think is what God wants. The big term used in Ndebele is uNkulunkulu, meaning the bigger than anything, omniscient and omnipresent person above. Our biggest weakness is fear and inability to share the space for knowledge without fear or favour so that we can agree to disagree which to me is healthier than agreeing without exploring all avenues. We lost our culture and we are now fast losing our language.

So, what happened and where is us now? Isn't it the reason why we are so confused and unprincipled in our ways of governance, may be because we have lost identity? In Zimbabwe we have noble historians like Phathisa Nyathi.

I think we have  an obligation to put together a team of such professionals who could gather researched information on our cultures for archival storage. The sanctity of life is embedded in cultural values and norms making each race's existence sacrosanct. Is that true with the black race?

Clemen Moyo
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

Clemen Moyo writes in his own capacity as a human rights activist

Source - Clemen Moyo
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