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Who has destroyed Zimbabwe?

21 Dec 2020 at 07:41hrs | Views
The country is troubled to the borne marrow. It is so disheartening that those who destroyed the country through nepotism, corruption, poor governance and thieving are telling the people that they should unite and build the nation.

Who actually destroyed the country?

Zanu PF led by the late Robert Mugabe Mugabe inherited the country from the colonial rule when it was a jewel of Africa and as a promising nation.

Unfortunately due to greediness and insatiable appetite for power in Zanu PF's  government the country squandered what appeared to be a golden opportunity and switched on the destruction mode.

Mugabe was a monumental failure in economics and we continue to see the same failure in Mnangagwa.

The new political design of this government has not gotten us out of the old dispensation system. The destruction continues unabated.

A lot of people have not seen any improvement or change from the way things were being done in the past and present.

Hunger and poverty still grip the vulnerable people both in rural and urban areas. Everyday you wake up, you see gloomy faces all over. The country is at crossroads.

This narrative of rebuilding the nation is just a cover up or a diversionary tactic from the real challenges facing this government, like corruption, incompetence, maladministration and abuse of public funds.

The new republic mantra is just surviving on paper but in reality there is nothing happening on the ground besides bulldozing peoples' homes down, launching books and a national dress.

We keep on pumping money into this fashion charade when our hospitals are drug less. People are dying due to lack of medical drugs and state of the art  facilities. Zimbabwe is a very rich country endowed with vast mineral deposits but its people continue to wallow in poverty in a country of plenty.

When they went to fight for the liberation of the country, they said the country belonged to the future generations but today they are singing from a different script.

Top government officials continue to go and receive treatment outside the country shunning their own poor health facilities which have collapsed.

We still have poor road network but we waste time and resources concentrating on launching economic blue prints, books and dresses. Misplaced priorities and policy inconsistencies are the order of the day.

A nation that pulls its resources and effort in launching a national dress when its health sector is collapsing simply shows it is not proactive and up to scratch.

It would be naive for them not to admit that, it was them in the first place who destroyed this country. It was destroyed under their watch through corruption, embelzzelment of funds, lack of supervision of public funds, awarding themselves fat perks, plundering resources and there is nothing which will reassure the citizens that they have new found abilities.

This old dispensation which is now calling itself the new dispensation will argue that the country was destroyed by the late Robert Mugabe yet the leadership which is here, was part and parcel of the previous regime which destroyed the country under its watch.

President Emmerson  Mnangagwa and his cabin crew are the most people in the history of Zimbabwe hiding under the new dispensation pretending as if they are rebuilding the country.

These people were in Mugabe's government since 1970 and the new generation cannot expect them to change but are getting this country worse by the day. In fact they have nothing to lose.

Today President Emmerson Mnangagwa and July Moyo are just copying and pasting from the old regime using the same dirty tactics of the late Robert Mugabe and Ignatious Chombo of capturing Harare City Council. In 2003 Chombo fired MDC Mayor and thirteen MDC Councillors.

He then appointed a Zanu PF puppet Commission to run Harare City Council and nothing improved. There is nothing new to emulate from this new republic and telling the people to rebuild what they destroyed does not make sense. They should be ashamed of what they did during the past forty years in power.

The continued hatred of any opposing forces and voices in the country also creates a vacuum of giving a chance to progressive ideas and flourishing of democracy. Choking democracy is tantamount to destruction of a nation.

I have come to a conclusion that, the country has successfully ignored bread and butter issues whilst resources are being plundered and wasted on a national dress, surely Zimbabwe needs a new crop of leadership just like an excessive smoking car which will need a new set of rings.


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