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President Mnangagwa's 'Unity Day' speech, a sign of desperation and failure

by MLF
23 Dec 2020 at 20:56hrs | Views
Listening to President Mnangagwa's nation address yesterday, 22 December 2020, one could see nothing other than desperation and failure. In every platform that Mnangagwa has stood on since toppling his buddy, Mugabe, Mnangagwa has always talked about nation building but not in a single day has he told of the programs of that 'nation-building dream of his. That is nothing but a sign of failure.

Addressing the people yesterday, Mnangagwa even lacked the courage to shed light on why the 'peace agreement' had to be signed barely seven years after the black, majority rule, only choosing to cite that it was signed between ZAPU and ZANU. Mnangagwa thinks his making mention of ZAPU in his address will change the will of Mthwakazi people and feel belonging to Zimbabwe. What President Mnangagwa lacks to understand is that whether there has ever been ZAPU or Dr. Joshua Nkomo, that all cannot stand on the way of the independence of Mthwakazi which we wish God spares him some life to witness. In all his addresses after his toppling of his partner in Gukurahundi Genocide, Mugabe, Mnangagwa has tried all he can to demonise the independence of Mthwakazi, calling it toxic politics and divisive tendencies. What a shame and a sign of desperation because is clear that his narrow thinking and lack of historical facts tells him that the call for Mthwakazi Independence is a result of the Gukurahundi Genocide. As MLF, we are surprised that Zimbabwe now has a constitution that seeks to be upheld as told by Mr. President that where there are differences, people should engage in dialogues and refer to the constitution which then boggles some mind whether that is because Mthwakazi wants out of the fraudulent 1923 pact that saw Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe merged together or what. 

Chapter One of the 1980 constitution of Zimbabwe, Item 3, tells about the Supreme Law, saying the Constitution is the supreme law of Zimbabwe which I believe it meant that everything that was done was to be in line with articles of that constitution. It surprises when one looks back to check if 'His Excellency' President Mnangagwa ever took note of that item when he addressed people on March 1983 in Victoria and said his government would introduce the DDT in the region to quell 'banditry. What is it now that makes him believe that constitutionalism is good for the binary of Zimbabwe? 

Furthermore, Chapter 3 of that constitution provided for the rights of all people termed as 'Zimbabweans' and it denounced the deprival of any person of his or her right to life intentionally unless it was on basis of a penalty imposed on him/her by the court of law. But, when he dispatched the Gukurahundi into Mthwakazi, killing all that was moving, where was that constitution?

It is high time Mthwakazi people understand that 22 December marked the halting of the atrocities that President Mnangagwa directly had a hand on and it had nothing to do with the 1923 pact which has kept them landless until this day. So when he touches on the 'unitarity' of Zimbabwe, he is desperately pleading that he continues his forced rule on them. That completely has nothing to do with the purposeless Unity Accord, which served no purpose to the Mthwakazi masses than to see Joshua Nkomo back from seeking refuge in Britain after his Gukurahundi persecutions. How many people have continued to be brutalised or killed in cold blood by his regime, after the signing of that agreement? In which way has it changed the lives of the people for better if they continue skipping borders in large numbers in search of greener pastures in the neighbouring countries and overseas? Has that given the offsprings of the victims of Gukurahundi identification documents? Has the Unity Accord, apprehended and prosecuted the perpetrators of those henous crimes? Has the Unity Accord made Mthwakazi people equals with the Zimbabweans/Shona people in all spheres of life? Has the Unity Accord given back Mthwakazi jobs that are occupied by Shonas in their own background? Has the Unity Accord allowed you, (Mthwakazi) to exercise your cultures freely in your land? So, what purpose does it serve to you if it has failed and continues to fail you?

In closing, as MLF, we call upon all Mthwakazi organisations to up the gear. It is nearer to the destination than from where we started. The speeches of Mnangagwa since his take over are evidence enough that indeed we are getting there, as the late David Magagula highlighted before his passing that we have reclaimed 33% of our freedom. Together, let us fight to reclaim the remaining 67%.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!!!!!!MLF stands for total independence of Mthwakazi.  

Source - MLF
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