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President Mnangagwa 'Develop a Strategic Thinking Approach'

26 Dec 2020 at 15:43hrs | Views
During Mugabe's era, you would easily recite cabinet Ministers without reading from any script, alas today, I can only remember maybe less than five Ministers unless you visit their offices. What is the problem?

Presidency is not a common position in society, and it must never be reduced, it must never be a lightweight position, it is a strategic role which requires a sober, level headed thinking approach. You have everything at your disposal, it is my humble request, you need to turn this country into a commercial brand. Remember, you have a legacy, in few years to come, you will be highly regarded as a senior citizen of this country, and you will be expected to carry few state duties, as a respected Former Head of State. Amongst the few things you will benefit, there will be a package for you, gratuity, perks, security details, travel allowances, and moreover, safe exit that is if the whole nation agrees to that, and necessary.

Few cents advice for you :

1. Looters have gathered around you, and this is not health for a Head of State.

2. Build relations with everyone, Inclusive of opposing views, and this is good for your legacy

3. Deploy Strategic Thinkers around key areas of Governance.

4. Erode bootlickers around you, and those praise singers in Government, and put those who keep you on your toes

5. We want Strategic Thinking around our mineral deposits, we have alluvial diamonds, we have gold reserves, we have platinum, infact we are the second platinum producer in the world, we have chrome, and what is our problem?

6. Corruption around the first family is not looking good. You have a name to protect, and you have an office to preserve. I know those around you, will tell you, this young man is writing nonsense, one day you will pull out this thread.

7. Unite the nation. Bring all G40s, opposition, civic society, academics, researchers, business community , let's build our country. Let's go the Kenyan way, let's have the Uhurus and Odingas of this nation on board and deliver the best for our country.

8. Demand Result Based Monitoring System ( RBMs) approach to key areas of Governance.

9. So far it's three years after assuming Presidency, REFLECT on your leadership. Where are the results for us to see?

10. You need footprints, for people to see where " Shumba murambwi is going, and where he is coming from. Results Shumba

11. Accept criticism, and develop a Strategic Thinking Approach on opposing voices. Bring them to a round table meeting ( dinner or breakfast), talk to them, and you will strengthen your leadership skills.

12. Put a valve on corruption. Where is the valve?

13. There are too many people from Midlands and Masvingo around you Mr President, and what about those from other provinces?

14. Involve policy makers on devolution. Decentralization is the way to go.

15. You need a proper Economic Recovery framework ( plan), Inclusive of NDS 1 for 2021-2023

16. Power is not about retaining Presidency, build a better future for the young generation.

17. Political acumenship is critical for your Presidency. You must be felt on the ground that you are the PRESIDENT

18. State functions, banquets, dinners are draining a lot from the fiscus, bring developmental programs to the ground. You must be felt on the ground.

19. We have old buildings ( infrastructure) around our welcome City, Harare, when are we expecting new ideas, new Infrastructure, new roads, spaghetti roads?

20. Political tolerance is critical for your Presidency. You have to accept other players, build a relationship with them, and the avoidance of doubt, bring Nelson Chamisa to your boardroom, and close the door for at least two hours, or throw the keys away until you congratulate each other.

21. Parastatals are completely dead. We have competent people around town, why recycling deadwood around ZESA, NSSA, Net One, POTRAZ, ZBC, ZTV, CCZ, and others, why staffing old friends, cadres in those key areas? We have credible people around town who can deliver in these areas!

22. We are expecting a cabinet RESHUFFLE in many areas. So far , so far, so far Mr President, we have a disconnected cabinet.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking - ZIST, and he can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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