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Indeed, God is with Zimbabwe, as He protects us from parasitic abusive regime

27 Dec 2020 at 09:38hrs | Views
As much as I am not against the annual day of prayer for Zimbabwe (which, is being held today in Bulawayo) - as, indeed, my daily earnest and prayers are always for a better life for all Zimbabweans - I am, however, always filled with immense righteous indignation, whenever those who are supposed to be the light of Christianity, and shepherding the flock of Christ, are the very people misleading the nation, right into the mouths of lions...the brutal regime, whose insatiable greed and savagery towards its own citizenry knows no bounds.

Never in my whole study of the life-giving Word of God, have I ever come across genuine prophets of Jehovah, who actually stood with repressive cold-blooded leaders - but, instead, have bravely stood with the oppressed and suffering, thereby placing their own lives in peril, whilst at the same time, praying to God to free His people from the clutches of evil.

The only prophets recorded in the Bible as having stood with evil leaders, were false - described as 'wolves in sheep's clothing' - whom, God eventually exposed.

Indeed, God is with the impoverished and brutalized people of Zimbabwe - proven by the manner in which we have bravery survived and outdone all the nefarious attempts by the parasitic opportunistic ruling elite to suck our lives dry - but, we still need to pray for a complete break of the shackles holding us captive in our own motherland.

Even those who were held captive in Egypt - in spite of them living in the Land of Goshen, where Jehovah spared them from the brunt of the pestilences inflicted upon the rest of the biblical kingdom - they never stopped praying, and crying out, for true freedom from their bondage, at the hands of the cruel and heartless Pharaoh.

Zimbabweans can not be any different, as God loves us the same as His children enslaved in Egypt - but, eventually freed, through His unparalleled power and mighty, with profound glory that could never be mistaken.

As such, what manner of Christian leaders would actually side with our own Pharaohs right here in Zimbabwe?

Imagine Moses - after having been called by Jehovah to lead His people out of bondage - yet, always singing the praises of Pharaoh, and telling his enslaved nation that God was working with the merciless and barbaric leaders of Egypt, so as to provide a good livelihood for all.

That would have been nothing short of insanity - if not, downright unforgivable rebellion against God Himself.

We have seen the hand of God working in Zimbabwe - nonetheless, not through this corrupt and sadistic junta, who are the authors of our untold pain and suffering, written in the blood of innocent lives they have destroyed, nor through these false prophets, who have chosen to dine and wine with the oppressor - but, directly in the people of Zimbabwe.

What exactly have those in power done for this nation?

When they come with their food handouts - before we ululate, sing, and dance - we need to ask why we even reached a place, whereby we needed to survive on such aid.

It is akin to someone who comes bearing gifts, under the pretext of being a 'good Samaritan', who is helping an unfortunate and calamity-striken family, that lost all its property and possessions - but, turns out to be the very person who burnt their home down.

Should the family celebrate this 'kind gesture' by the seemingly 'good Samaritan', or should he not be held accountable for his heinous act?

Our parents and grandparents live in near destitution, as if they had never been gainfully employed all their lives - yet, in their decades of faithful employment, religiously contributed to their pension funds, with savings in their banks, and several insurance policies - nonetheless, when they retired, or were retrenched, all these investments, that would have been more than enough to guarantee a comfortable retirement, went up in smoke, at the hands of this regime's mismanagement and maladministration.

Before we celebrate plans by the regime to resuscitate the economy - repeated blueprints, of which, have become nauseating, as we have had enough of all the unending unfulfilled promises; and we would rather have previous ones met, before more are made - we need to hold them answerable for setting on fire a once prosperous country, in the first place.

Why would the government need to resuscitate something that was not dead? Then, the question should be, "who killed it, to begin with"?

Are our so-called leaders not the same people who have continually plundered our immeasurable mineral resources (such that, the population has hardly benefited from any of the abundant diamonds, platinum, gold, and many others), are they not the ones responsible for inconsistent and ridiculous economy policies that have made our country virtually a basket case, and did they not loot once vibrant companies, like the iron and steel making giant Ziscosteel, till it became nothing more than a laughable home for baboons and monkeys?

As for the COVID-19 pandemic, did we not recently witness a rally, whereby the country's president, was reported by the state broadcaster, to have addressed 'thousands of people' - whom, according to footage shown by the same broadcaster, never practised any physical social distancing?

Are ZUPCO buses and minibuses - the only mode of public urban transport legalized by the government - not always over-crowded, and passengers packed like sardines?

Thus, who is truly protecting us from the pandemic running out of control? Who has been there for the people of Zimbabwe, such that we have not died in our millions, due to hunger and starvation?

Certainly, it is not the ruthless regime, that clearly does not give a hoot what happens to us, and is only concerned about themselves.

However, Jehovah God is definitely with us - all the way - and, soon, He will set us free from the bondages of 'Pharaoh'.

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Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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