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Let's fix Zimbabwe economy before thinking of elections

by Nigel
30 Dec 2020 at 07:24hrs | Views
THERE is a morbid fixation with the 2023 elections to the extent that we are neglecting bread and butter issues as if we are not aware that elections do not bring any tangible change towards tackling the economic crisis besetting the country.

Many seem to be obsessed with the next election in the hope that it will bring solutions to the problems the country is facing, as if they have forgotten that the 2018 polls were a false dawn.

As things stand, 2023 may be metaphorically further than Zimbabweans think, as an economic collapse and a crash of all services is looming before the plebiscite.

With the economy failing to grow significantly, the cash crisis and rising unemployment, Zimbabwe needs pragmatic solutions now instead of deferring to the 2013 elections, when it could be too late to solve this crisis. The issue is, can Zimbabwe afford to continue on this path until the 2013 polls or something needs to be done now and urgently? Instead of dithering, the unity of opposition has never been more critical in the country's history, than now as they need to find common ground and confront Zanu-PF before the looming collapse.

Zanu-PF has for long believed its own lies, but one of the worst untruths the party seems to be propagating is that the economy is on the mend, yet everyone knows nothing can be further from the truth.

Like everyone else, Zanu-PF needs to tighten its belt.

The country desperately needs leaders who at least dedicate their energies to solving the problems afflicting the country.

The Zimbabwean crisis will not be solved by empty, rhetorical and repetitive speeches in foreign capitals, but by a dedicated leadership which focus all its energies on running the country.

Zimbabweans need to be critical of their leadership and hold it to account instead of the obtaining situation where mediocrity is celebrated.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his party need to admit and accept their failure and invite the opposition to help fix this situation, otherwise the country is doomed, as it is already on the precipice.

The opposition also needs to put its house in order because it cannot be trusted with running the country if it cannot run its own affairs.

Source - newsday
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