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Zimbabwe opposition must smell the coffee

31 Dec 2020 at 16:52hrs | Views
Politics is a clumsy game. As we approach 2021 there are going to be interesting moments.

The whole thing is now in the public eyes. The writing is on the wall.

People must be wary of this new political virus in the form of Douglas Mwonzora who has now become a full blown Zanu PF official masquerading as an opposition cadre.

He proudly said he is going to work professionally with the ruling party.

MDC -Alliance must mobilise very hard for them to stand a chance in the future elections.

Zanu PF is doing whatever it can and pouring resources to MDC-T led by incoming President Douglas Mwonzora as witnessed by a fleet of Zupco buses which were used to ferry delegates who attending the extra ordinary congress at the Rainbow Towers.

It is determined to uproot MDC-Alliance once and for all through it's  combination of militaristic, brutality approach and brazenly stealing or rigging  elections, the outcome of which would be Zanu PF winning with majority and few MPs allocated to its proxies especially Douglas Mwonzora.

This is being done to mislead the global world that there is an opposition in Zimbabwe.

They tried to experiment this through the introduction of POLAD but did not work. With the captured institutions like Z R Police , the Army,  Judiciary, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission ,MDC-Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa must revitalise and energise his party because he is just left with small breathing spaces as the rest is being choked by gasses emanating from the revolutionary party. He must tread carefully and navigate his space so as to manoeuvre smoothly.

To be honest MDC- Alliance must take the bull by its horns and come out of its comfort zones as Mwonzora is now ganging up with Zanu PF to completely decimate the people's struggle. Nelson Chamisa must avoid sinking come next election.

This is sounding so pessimistic but that is the inevitable reality.

It seems President Emmerson Mnangagwa is now determined to establish either a Mammur Gaddafi sought of political system or a Chinese political model where there would be one party state, which is more authoritarian than democratic.

The concept of democracy does not exist in Emmerson Mnangagwa's  vocabulary. He is afraid of an opposition party and cannot stand in such an environment. That is why he always resort to using force to confront a problem.

This idea of trying to submerge the opposition is not new in his political career.
Its a tried and tested theory. Actually he tried to decimate the opposition through forming of POLAD which is still struggling to stand the pressure due to lack of policy implementation.

This is a golden opportunity for MDC- Alliance to spread the word and conscientise the masses, mobilise very hard and penetrate the rural areas. 2021 must be vicious and should not leave no any stone unturned.

Douglas Mwonzora and his MDC-T double standards have been exposed through the court rulings, takeover of buildings money, councillors and members of parliament.

Real MDC-Alliance supporters will put him to where he belongs. The vanguard supporters cannot be fooled by his political grandstanding.

Its not about serving the suffering majority but serving his interests. Mwonzora has decided to pave  his way to join the league of looters who have suffocated our economy.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has concluded that the long standing stalemate between  Zanu PF and MDC -Alliance is the reason for all ills affecting Zimbabwe, so for him if Zimbabwe is to succeed MDC-Alliance should be killed. That is their mission and agenda. The ball is now in the people's court.


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