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Thokozani Khupe was, will never win leadership of MDC-T

01 Jan 2021 at 17:46hrs | Views
The recently concluded chaotic extraordinary congress of MDC-T, shows that the ambitious and former deputy prime minister of Zimbabwe was never going to win the election regardless of the support she was and continue to receive from Zanu-PF and the state, hence the party is known in some circles as Zanu-PF extension party to the bridge at  how both Zanu-PF and Emmerson Mnangagwa have behaved and treated the party and Thokozani Khupe as an individual.

First, most people the world over have not yet settled with the idea of having a female as their leader. This is very strong in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The gender sensitive voters who participated in the congress saw no reason of voting a woman as leader for their party, while amongst them they saw very capable men who could take the movement forward.

Those delegates never took the character, calibre and political astuteness into consideration but they saw a incapable woman trying to venture into man's territory but she should be confined to the  bedroom and a less say in the kitchen.

Gender played a big role to her down fall that is why she was even physical abused because she was a woman getting out of order who needed to be whipped into line.

Her status as a seasoned politician did not take any credence because she is a woman.

The congress was happening in a very ethnicity conscious society, as Ndebele/ Kalanga speaking person who comes from Matabeleland South, she stood no chance in a Shona dominated in environment, which characterises the MDC-T, delving also to the nature of the country's history that these two tribes continue to fight even though they try to be united, the ethnicity of an individual is very important in Zimbabwe.

So Thokozani Khupe could be the best political candidate but her ethnicity will continue and was responsible for hers dismal performance at the charade held in Zimbabwe, Harare international conference centre in particular.

Tribalism has seen very capable leaders failing some even dying because who do they think they are to lead in Zimbabwe.

The 1961 majority Shona delegates did not support Joshua Nkomo leadership of then newly established Zapu after NDP banning, they took some vindictive Ndebele speaking people to form a splinter organisation.

During the height of the leadership crisis in Zanu-PF, the Karanga Zezuru tiff led to the demise of Josiah Tongogara so tribalism has very deep roots in Zimbabwe that Thokozani Khupe could not win the leadership race the other thing she defecated into village well by clearly following a very subversive and vindictive agenda after the Corona judgement that she was blinded by vindictiveness that she fought and killed even the goose which could have laid the golden eggs.

She recalled MPs, councillors and colleagues were dismissed while she surrounding herself with sky and cunning people who were using her to further their nefarious agendas.

She was not for the truth but vindictive and retributive where by people like former organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe were suspended and fired for just speaking the truth to power, so such actions have been learnt by her but now she was thrown under the bus by the very people she trusted.

She should have been advised by people like bhebhe who were keen on unity but her Zanu-PF support blinded her only to dismally perform and further more assaulted by her delegates.this if she is a sane person she will have a very good lesson and practice proper politics. She never supported women being abused and this made her strange fellow who laughed while women were abused and brutalized.

There is a cardinal rule in Zimbabwe side with Zanu-PF openly you will be left licking your wounds.particularly in Matabeleland Emmerson Mnangagwa is the second most hated Shona person when the ugly and evil of gukurahundist people are paraded. Emmerson Mnangagwa is Matabeleland and Midlands prime evil, so Thokozani Khupe forgot that or just ignored that.

Source - Ncube Posiwe
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