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Covid-19 where does Africa stand?

by Murisa
08 Jan 2021 at 11:34hrs | Views
Theorists and gossipers are in sixth gear with discussions swirling around great conspiracy to wipe out a big chunk of the world population leaving only a small controllable and compliant size.

Some fundis and terrace observers attribute the said manouvres to biblical prophecies where mark of the beast 666 mentioned in the book of Revelation is coming to pass as is now. No vaccine no trade, no banking and no commerce at large.

In fact, 'tagged' vaccine will have everyone tagged and prone to manipulation by the few rich originators. How true is this, may Seers and Sangomas demystify the theories doing rounds.

Covid-19 is said to be the roll out 'event' with the vaccine being the conveyor belt to deliver the 'chip' and in some instances to bell the unwilling cats. Where does Africa stand in all this vaccine matrix?

To get the jab or not, what choice does Africa have?

Covid-19, what are we dealing with here, a deadly virus or advanced science? Today the disease has rebounded much more dangerous than before and very mobile like witches on broomsticks. Have the scientists upped the raves or the virus has mutated to a superior level?

Who shall tell us the truth, even WHO seems at wits end. Madagascar and their  much hyped concoction have gone mum.

Even renowned habracadabras have gone into hiding to escape the Coronavirus.

Opportunists have seized the occasion to market and sell their 'flower roots and clueless capsules' to the panicky and gullible innocent public. I urge true prayer warriors to seek the face of God for an end to this evil menace whatever the cause.

Even places of worship are now under lock and key, why, why? We need to sing songs of praise and worship to our Heavenly Father. How can the tunes come out well with such hermitic social distancing?

Moses would say let my people go - we can also say the disease must go in Jesus name.

Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - own correspondent
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