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98 covid-19 positive out 123 tested: proof test regime wilfully inadequate - 'Seri kweguva!' Still, must learn lessons

13 Jan 2021 at 08:32hrs | Views
Zimbabwe has handled the corona virus pandemic like it has everything else the characteristic blundering incompetence.

"Masvingo marked a record single-day increase in the number of Covid-19 cases on Tuesday (11 January 2021) as it emerged that the Province is operating with only a single isolation centre for the public," reported the Masvingo Mirror.

"Health officials confirmed 98 new cases of the novel coronavirus out of 123 tests done on Tuesday. They also confirmed that four people died during the same day.

"The cumulative cases in the province stood at 872 most of which are health officials. The national death toll is 446 as of yesterday."

Zimbabwe has had very, very low corona virus cases and deaths up to now and we all know why - the country has not been testing anywhere near the level recommended by WHO and common sense would dictate. On many, many occasions Masvingo has reported zero cases and deaths only for one to notice the Province has not carried out even one single test that day.

So there were 123 test and 98 came out positive. Of the 872 cumulative cases in the province we are being told "most of which are health officials". These facts point to one thing - the Province's test regime has been wilfully inadequate.

By failing to test diligently many of the people with the virus were missed out and they continue to mix in society spreading the virus. And now the Province is paying dearly for it; the corona virus cases and deaths are soaring.

"Masvingo is operating with Rujeko Clinic as the only working isolation centre for Covid-19 patients, forcing health officials to release most patients home for self-isolation," continue the Mirror report.

"The province does not have capacity to deal with cases since it lacks ventilators as well as qualified personnel to operate the machines, putting patients at risk of dying,"

The problem of failing to test adequately and keep track of the virus is not only a Masvingo Province problem alone but is one replicated country wide.

Some day, one of these fine days, Zimbabwe must carryout a through, no holds barred, investigation into why Zimbabwe had one of the lowest corona virus tests per capita in the world. And how much this single blunder contributed to the corona virus cases and deaths - many of which were missed from the official record - in the country.

"Seri kweguva hakuna muteuro!" (We cannot bring back the dead!) so goes the Shona adage. Still, if we can learn the lesson why so many people have had to suffer and many have dead when by testing widely the suffering and deaths could have been easily avoided!

Zimbabwe was weak and feeble; socially, economically, politically and which way; at the outbreak of the corona virus and the nation has paid dearly for it. If we are to emerge out of this nightmare at all then we must learn the lessons that landed us in this mess.

Zimbabwe must emerged out of corona virus pandemic a stronger nation than we were before the outbreak!

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