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Sanctions must go

13 Jan 2021 at 15:52hrs | Views
Trump crying foul after being... trumped and trampled in recent American elections. Elections stolen in great America, my foot! The cradle of democracy now turned 'mobocracy', who will guard the guard?

The devil has run away with democracy. Africa and some targeted African states have been vindicated, the rich can also cry, cry foul for that matter. Does Trump have the V11's, mmmm I smell a rodent. At least it's happening in great America.

The President elect, a cool polically mature gentlemen is a man of few words and amazing wit. Then the crux of the matter, why shoot at people who are demonstrating 'peacefully'?

Shouting breaks no bones, is it not part of democracy to break a few windows and get away with murder? Where would little Zimbabwe stand if California and Texas were here, all blame, mock and derision would have been heaped on the leadership and the ruling party.

Now deaths and gunshots in America, the world pretends not to hear. Money, money, money is a rich man's world. We expected Trump to acknowledge defeat, congratulate Biden and walk away gracefully to a deserved early rest.

But alas, even social media operators found it necessary to delete or suspend  Trump accounts. The man is breathing fire urging his supporters to continue with the  protests. When and where shall democracy find a home?

Even those who founded it can not practice democracy. We find no reasons for sanctions on little Zimbabwe.

Sanctions must go.

Source - Murisa Tondo
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