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Online learning for rural school children

13 Jan 2021 at 15:53hrs | Views
§The 'arrival' of the new evil kid on the block Covid-19 means adapting to a new way of life. Masks have become part of our everyday clothing if we are to see another day. Call it a 'new normal' way of doing things.

The education sector has been hard hit with rural schools the most affected for lack of digital online learning. During the old political era, a lot  of laptops and conventional computers were freely given out to rural schools, how about using them now?

It's time parents empower their school going children by buying them laptops for online learning. One  may be quick-lipped to say most parents are poor, and that laptops are priced beyond their reach.

Very true but for the sake of your child's education is it not for a noble cause to sell that cow now and buy a cheap but not 'cheap' laptop? In Mash. Central most families grow the lucrative and very profitable tobacco crop, why not put aside a few dollars to buy your child a computer?

The world is digitalising at an accelerated pace, should we lag behind modernity?

Very soon online shopping will reach even remote corners of the country, far flung rural Gwanda and out posted Chidodo in the far north. Hopes of the disease going away any time soon may be but a far fetched reverie. Well, some dreams are so strong they become real.

A number of urban schools have already embarked on online learning with children continuing with their education amid lockdown disruptions.

Such is the trend we can not avoid now. As for social distancing, learning under trees may bounce back in order to maintain recommended spacing where infrastructure is not adequate. If new cases of the virus continue to rise, education can not be kept locked away in the drawer.

Something have to be done to enable schooling. Let's seriously think about e-learning  for the rural child.

Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Tondo Murisa
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