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Gokwe Centre has not lost its glitter

13 Jan 2021 at 15:53hrs | Views
All memes and pass time jokes can not be complete without mentioning Gokwe, what makes Gokwe tick? In gone years the region was known for high quality cotton farming but when the white gold lost its glitter Gokwe lost its pole position in many aspects.

Stories of witchcraft and bezarre happenings came to the fore. Flying winnowing baskets, weird birthing incidences and unexplained deaths became the new scoop stories. Are 'things' really happening in Gokwe or its just a blend of comedies and horrific made up stories?

Talk of this young man with a perchant for stealing female lingerie from the washing lines and stashing them away in a hill, Persian peanuts?

A cassanova caught in someone's bedroom and later claiming to have dropped from an aircraft, I throw in the towel.

Indeed Gokwe is a 'brew' of strange and unbelievable occurances. But, on flip over Gokwe Centre is a hive of activity if only it was not 'kill joy' Covid-19 that is killing the fun.

A mini town complete with big shops, bars, lodgings and micro-industry where welding and hairdos are done. Some city dwellers used to abandon the urban hype just to have the taste of Gokwe. I hear even banks had set up shop at Gokwe 'urban'.

Today mockers are having a field day throwing brickbats at the area, every witching incident is associated with the name, give Gokwe a rest. Long back the 'bad boy tag' used to be with Bushu area, a communal settlement not far from Bindura.

All bad things were associated with the place (Rema rekwa Bushu), what had they done? My visit there was an eye opener, nice homes, good people with beautiful and clean shopping centres. What had Bushu done to deserve black paint?

If it's Bushu area, prospective suiters  are making a beeline there. Plenty damsels grace the communities there, may be that's what changed it from battering to a holiday destination. After the Covid-19 plague, a visit to Gokwe is beckoning for an 'inspection-in-loco', wait for feedback.

Murisa Tondo. Mash. Central.

Source - Tondo Murisa
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