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Zanu-PF has started stealing, politisizing Plan International and Welfare help on Mutare Floods Disaster victims

13 Jan 2021 at 18:54hrs | Views
Partisian help of people who have been affected by Cyclone has started by Zanu pf members  in Mutare, dream house disaster.

Politics is now at play as Zanu members such as Moyo and Mrs Mpofu were given the task to write down the effected members.

Shockingly, they're writing and giving Zanu Pf members leaving some MDC member s who were also affected.

From the begining, giving Zanu pf ward and Constitutional mandate to write down names of the affected victims is uncostitional and not accepted.

The truth is help is coming from Plan International and Welfare but Zanu pf is grabbing this opportunity to politicize the whole process.

Now they are distributing food to Zanu pf members only leaving MDC affiliated members. Plan International and welfare help is now said it's from Esau Mupfumi, who is a Zanu pf candidate.

Through this, it's clear that Zanu pf is stealing from the people.

It's unfortunate that  Zanu pf government is taking the advantage of both lockdown and floods to manipulate and frog march people into bowing down to it.

If the government wanted to be fair enough, it was supposed to allow the recalled Ward Councillor and Constituency MP to also assess the situation and help the affected people.

The government must  not take advantages of  these disasters to put its candidates at limelight yet they have already failed.

Fanuel Chinowaita
Human Rights Defender and The Watchdog of the Community*

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita
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