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All hope is not lost

14 Jan 2021 at 13:26hrs | Views
Crushing the peoples' voices is not the answer. No nation has ever risen or built by crushing the voice of justice.

Zimbabwean citizens in all walks of life have been fighting for change at great personal cost including human life. Every move has been countered with brutality and counter violence or by the use if captured courts and state securities.

The leadership today is all after the opposition than improving the people's welfare.

There is a leadership disaster looming within the country. Our leaders have quickly forgotten what their mandate is. There is a lot of self centredness and leadership deficiencies.

Instead of fixing the ailing economy and attending to the ravaging #COVID19 pandemic that has caused a number of deaths in our hospitals and communities, the leaders have resorted to arresting whoever tweets about what is happening in the society.

Our government has reduced itself to a social media monitor.

This inept, corrupt, clueless and cruel government continue the overdrive in arresting MDC-Alliance leadership and political activists who interrogates its behaviour. To be precise, they lack the intelligence to govern.

Today we continue to see ugly events of the persecution and harassment of opposition leaders and political activists.

This is actually tarnishing the image of the country and not the opposition. One will start to wonder why the government spent a lot of money paying some American and British public relations companies to spruce up the image of the country and yet destroying it overnight.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has forgotten and must be reminded to go back to his inaugural statement at National Sports Stadium where he told the majority of Zimbabweans that he was different from Robert Mugabe and that he was doing things the new way. "The voice of the people is the voice of God", I qoute.

Today, we no longer have a sound judiciary, a sound police force, a sound military, a sound intelligence team, a sound speaker of Parliament. Our courts should be citadels of justice but we see a different scenario.

All these have been eroded and fallen by the way side. The Zanu PF government has defiled and captured all these institutions and we we are left with a void leadership.

Last year we saw the arrest of journalist Hopewell Chin'ono and in 2021 the story continues with the arresting of Job Sikhala again and lately Fadzayi Mahere on spurious charges.

My question is - Will that arrest improve the country's ailing economy or reduce the spiralling inflation in the country. Are the trio holding back the success of the country?

Its unfortunate that we still have many of blind Bartemeous who think that this government will take us to a promised land. There is no justice in Zimbabwe as we speak. What is the rationale of locking people in leg irons in the 21st century as if they have committed gruesome crimes? All hope is not lost. The struggle continues.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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