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Covid-19 has alienated families

by Tondo
28 Jan 2021 at 22:01hrs | Views
All last rites protocol thrown to the wind, priority of priorities is burial of the deceased. This pandemic has alienated families, the family tree branches are no more a one entity. Our tap-root is one, known and on record but this 'stupid' plague has distorted the chronicles.

Loved ones are now mourned and buried by more strangers than next of kin. An isolated wailing there, a sob and a snif near the cemetary but no familiar face around except for a few uncles, brother and nieces. Diaspora constituency has caused more absenteeism from family gatherings.

A video clip, rare phone call  and an irregular monetary stipend is all we get today. In some cases kinsmen have literally vanished from the surface of the earth. Home has become but only symbolic, families have been separated by circumstances beyond our control. Loosing a loved one today is more than bereavement because it's coupled with extreme trauma and kind of legislative isolation.  

We hope and pray that Coronavirus vanishes pronto like yesterday. The family tree must not be uprooted or cut down, we need that totemic interaction and Tete-a-Tete. Uncle Jim there, sister Viola here and cousin Chamunorwa cracking jokes that have become synonymous with him.

Our dead relatives deserve a resounding send off from those of the same clan. We all needed to be there bidding  farewell to our beloved sister, may the Almighty God grant us the peace and serenity to accept our tragic circumstance.

May the angels serenade her dear soul to a peaceful rest with their angelic voices from the holy Heavenly quarters. Jesus commanded the seas to be calm after a threatening tempest had risen.

We pray the Messiah commands Covid to leave humanity in peace. MHDSRIP. Even a single death in the family is one to many, may the Murisa clan find peace in that we are mourning together with great hope in the Lord.

Tondo. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondo
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