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Do something to save the rural herd

by Tondo
31 Jan 2021 at 07:00hrs | Views
The rural herd is on a terrible decline, cattle succumbing to a plethora of both known and unknown livestock diseases.

Most cattle pens are now nearly empty, with some now home to only two or one tick infested scrawny beast. The rural cattle farmer is in great anguish after helplessly watching his animals waste away. Word reaching us from Chideu village is not good news but doom and gloom.

Home made biltong from dying cattle is available in many homes, no buyers since almost everyone has got his fair share of the unfolding tragedy. Surprisingly there is a very loud silence on the matter, maybe leaving everything to fate.

A few farmers are trying to offload their sickly cattle for a song before they fall dead since the cows are literally walking dead. Awkward prices ranging from fifty greenback per beast depending on size and sickness, it's a buyer's market.

Wait a minute, why is there no timely intervention from the livestock management authorities?

If it was not for the 'holes' innovative way of farming introduced by government this season, no farmer had draught power for a successful farming season.

Only a few who could afford purchasing cattle dipping chemicals would have a span of oxen to draw farming implements.

I urge our pro-people government to seriously consider reviving the moribund cattle dip tanks and save the rural heard.

Cattle are great wealth to the communal folk for draught power, meat and paying lobola.

Mask up, Covid-19 kills.

Tondo. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondo
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