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Comrade Albert Matapo further exposes himself: Cannot stand critique!

05 Feb 2021 at 17:59hrs | Views
This is exactly what we mean when we say we have too many pseudo revolutionaries in our midst masquerading as genuine liberators of our time. It is desperation to entertain Matapo's dreams about the future of this nation. Has this man got what it takes to lead a revolution? Does he know what he is talking about if he says he wants to lead us from the front, liberate us from Zanu PF? Does Matapo know what is a revolution? I am sure George Charamba and others are having their show of laughter at us for sinking low to think and entertain that Comrade Albert Matapo can genuinely stage a viable revolution to unseat Zanu PF: Zanu PF!! Ndiri kuzvinyarira mufunge.

Hearing him speaking you cannot help saying; really, a challenged person of Albert Matapo can unseat Zanu PF? Does he know the monster called Zanu PF? Inside Zanu are George Charambas, Chinamasas just to mention those two, hard-core, master-stroke street smart, cruel, rude, and crushing feat, and have tasted what is Zanu and survived. Now on the aside we have Albert Matapo, a feeble spoken, not even sure about his words, promises to lead a revolution to unseat Zanu PF? Tipeyi wo ma serious please. We are desperate for political change for sure; it will not come from clowns of the likes of Albert Matapo. A slender critique from me mistaken for Nomathema, Matapo develops diarrhoea, cannot breathe, goes back to Gambakwe media to embarrass himself further.

Dear Albert Matapo, my name is Nomazulu Thata and not Nomathema. We are not all called Nomathemas.  Do not be like one UK Conservative MP who sarcastically called all female Labour MPs Betty. If I am not mistaken, we have spoken twice on phone because I wanted to understand your cause by your word of mouth. I am sure, I remember saying to myself after those wasted telephone calls: "give it the benefit of the doubt."  I gave you the benefit for three consecutive years of promises for ground-breaking change in our political and economic situation: I realized late that you are a joke of the century.

Revolutionaries are made of sterner stuff than a weak, surprisingly not sure about his word-use Matapo in the comforts of Sweden calling for a bloodless revolution. Curiously, we believed you and in you for a long time for reasons I cannot fully understand. Zimbabwe is desperate for change, therefore, we can believe any clown that talks about change: we cling to that false hope, it can be comforting too.  

You fail in that entire interview to call my real name, continued to talk about fictitious Nomathema who according to you is fake and has been sent by Zanu PF to crush your cause. You did not research much about me to make claims that I am a Zanu implant because if you did, slender findings about my relationship with Zanu will have proven how I was attacked by the former VP Phekelezela Mpoko and he threatened to sue me for defamation. Be it you and the former vice president do not tolerate dissenting voices that critique your politics. I am concerned about you more than VP Mpoko: Your interview tells all that you cannot stand critiques of any kind hence you want that article I posted on Zimeye retracted.

For this reason you are a dangerous person in Zimbabwe because you are saying "only those who lick my boots (a*s) are welcome to talk "nice about me" We should be concerned about leadership that will not stomach critique, cannot stand different views from that of your own. Your revolution should never see the light of day. Let your dreams remain yours and yours alone. Ngazvive zviroto zvako wega. There is no room for dictatorship to be given a chance again in our future Zimbabwe. In retrospect dear Matapo, you are fake, a joke of the 21st century but blind to see this in yourself. By the look of things you are challenged, but bravo, you managed to dub us for three years: for 36 months we thought you were a new face of hope: we thought you are leading a genuine cause: you got support albeit emotional one from us. We said: tisashore mbozha ichatizvimbirisa mangwana. How I wish we should have said: "Sizayicela isivhuthiwe le." Hamba juba bazakucutha phambili.

That article will not be retracted for whatever reason Albert Matapo: I am a political activist who cannot be threatened by the likes of you. Albert, you are a small fry in the scheme of things. Zimeye is a media house that published the article and Simba Chikanza's Zimeye is not responsible for the content but me. To bundle Zimeye and the message that came from "Nomathemba" is not smart but reflects stupidity: In retrospect, it says a lot about Matapo's inability to analyse simple written social media articles. You cannot possibly attack Simba Chikanza for publishing an articles whose content he did not write and therefore he is not responsible. An educated Albert Matapo should know that articles and information published at media houses are the responsibility of the writer. Albert Matapo is ignorant, does not know how to separate two elements that could be symbiotic but different from one another.

Your whole interview smacks of ignorance and arrogance; failed to tell us what happened to a man from Dete, caught with 4000 signatures in his possession, a man who was authorized by you, your regional legate to acquire signatures for your cause. You never gave a hint about his whereabouts although I asked you to reply me about this in my last article. Now I ask you never again to send your emissaries to the region of Matabeleland, you are risking the lives of people in this region who have tested genocide before. Mashonaland constitutes about 80% of the population in Zimbabwe. Can you target Mashonaland: concentrate getting your signatures in that region and never in the region of Matabeleland because the least we want is another Gukurahundi of genocide nature? Uphehla igenocide esigabeni se Matabeleland Albert Matapo: please stop it.
The greatest mistake we can do is to continue to think that you have answers to Zimbabwe's political, social, and economic impasse. Zimbabwean problems cannot be solved by Matapo and his PPM: People Power Movement. Enjoy your comfortable stay in Sweden and stop putting vulnerable communities at risk. Zanu PF is merciless, even those in Mashonaland have started smelling like goats and are devoured too.

The beautiful ones are not yet born, will be born to lead us to Canaan, the promised land: if I may express myself biblically. Sure one day Zimbabwe will see light at the end of the tunnel.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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