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Colonial chains setback for Africa

06 Feb 2021 at 08:17hrs | Views
Africans believe that the Western handouts and donations they get from the where the sun sets are done out of love, yet the opposite is true. 

The West will come to Africa and block an African nation from being self-sustainable, and donate US$2 million stolen from the same country.

It is ironic that some small African countries have over a 100 non-governmental organisations, yet those Western sponsored organisations are invisible in war torn countries where there is real crisis.

However, it is disheartening to see some Africans celebrating when the so called super-powers impose sanctions on their countries.  

More disturbing is the fact that most intellectuals don't see or pretend not to see the hypocrisy of the same super powers as they are used as conduits to destroy their own  kinsmen.

Dependence syndrome has destroyed Africans as they cannot think beyond the small donations they get from the NGOs.   

The education forms that Africans receive is also a major setback as those ‘educated'  view the white man as a super human being while despising blacks.

A closer look at most African academics would reveal that they were groomed by the West, and as a result they lack African orientation.  These are the same people that would be used as foot soldiers by imperialists to further the Western agenda. 

Recently, when the United Kingdom announced that it has placed some key members of the security forces in Zimbabwe on the sanctions list, some people here in the country celebrated. To them, sanctions would force the ruling party, ZANU-PF, to relinquish power and they forget that under such circumstances the Government would not vote itself out of power.

The ‘Blue Roof' was constructed when the country was already under illegal economic sanctions,  a situation that shows that the embargoes do not affect the elite, but ordinary citizens, including those using keyboards to celebrate them. 

Even though some may hate ZANU-PF, sanctions will always affect all Zimbabweans  and not ZANU-PF. There are individuals like Alex  Magaisa and Hopewell Chinon'o, who are so lame that they  think sanctions will force ZANU-PF out of power. They do  not know that even in failure ZANU-PF will use the same sanctions as a cover up.

If sanctions are not the real cause of our problems, why put the country on such sanctions if they are not effective? 

It is a shame that even journalists have been captured to spread the Western propaganda that a black man never contributed, and would never contribute anything towards advancement of civilisation, when  they have stolen black people's ideas and perfected them. 

The new coronavirus has given a chance to Africans to rise and manage the situation. However, Africans' efforts are all in vain. Madagascar's Covid-19 vaccine was not approved by the World Health Organisation, the only crime being that it is an African country.

Zimbabweans are now resorting to using the famous zumbani,  but it will never make headlines in any Western country because it is an indigenous herbal plant. 

Africans should wake up and stop behaving like sub-human beings. If the lion does not know how to read and write, the hunter will always tell his story.

Source - Shelton Muchena
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