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Mwonzora a puppet of Zanu-PF

08 Feb 2021 at 09:18hrs | Views
As we draw near 2023 elections, there are going to be many surprises and the one surprise would be the walloping of Mr Douglas Mwonzora and signing off his political carreer.

You can't be called a drinker if you are still drinking using a straw. No one will take you seriously.

Douglas Mwonzora has been hogging the limelight for wrong reasons where he first used the police to capture Morgan Tsvangirayi House, recalling MDC-Alliance members of parliament using captured courts and lastly using Rainbow Towers a well known Zanu PF ceremonial house for holding the MDC- T extra ordinary congress.

He cannot cheat people by pretending to be a leader of the opposition whilst carrying the Zanu PF tag.

So far Douglas Mwonzora and his MDC-T are still ranked at zero because they have not yet been tested in any meaningful election since their December 2020 Elective Congress. Why is there a rush to push for a dialogue when the party has never scored anything and the score board still reads zero?

He destroyed a meaningful partnership of allied forces and then dismantled it by recalling member of parliament with the aim of weakening the MDC-Alliance.

Douglas Mwonzora got all that support he is enjoying from the ruling party which has a mission of creating its own weak opposition political party in the mould of MDC-T where it can control and manipulate to suit its narrative but unfortunately the goats have bolted already.

Mr Mwonzora single handedly engineered the destruction of a united front opposition which was carrying the hopes and aspirations of most suffering Zimbabweans across the globe who want to see change.

His insatiable appetite for power has pushed him to plant a seed of political discord in the opposition and must not be trusted with any kind of leadership.

How can one man be allowed to destroy an arrangement of many political parties who have joined their hands together to fight for the common cause. There is a Shona idiom which goes _Chara chimwe hachitsvanyi inda_ literally meaning - one finger can't crush a lice. That was the contigent plan hatched by the opposition to unite and come up with that Alliance.

The truth of the matter is that Mr Mwonzora and his team are not in sync with the current dynamics and political heartbeat which the real opposition radicals are experiencing on the ground. Only time shall tell.

MDC- T and its leadership are still quarantined in political abyss and think that the lockdown is going to be a permanent feature in Zimbabwe.

As the talk of vaccines gathers momentum, this should be a warning that all #Covid19 Supreme Court judgements and recalls shall be history and elections shall be the antidote of the problem.

He must be reminded that the best court  in this global world is the court of public opinion.

Surprisingly Mwonzora and the crew have not condemned the arbitrary arrests and incarceration of political leaders such as Fadzayi Mahere, Jacob Ngarivhume, Job Sikhala, journalist Hopewell Chin'ono, Allan Moyo, and the trio just to mention a few.

This shows the type of leadership which purports to represent the majority of suffering Zimbabweans who have endured the total abuse and weaponisation of the law in the country.

One cannot pretend to be a leader of the opposition and on the other hand, failing to stand for the voices of reasons who are fighting the for the betterment of the country.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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