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Trump's madness a reflection of American hypocrisy

10 Feb 2021 at 12:16hrs | Views
Today people on Central African Time (CAT), like this writer, woke up to news that the madman from New York, Donald John Trump, will actually have to defend himself in an impeachment trial that seeks to punish him for his shenanigans towards the end of his term.

This news comes hot on the heels of news that the likelihood that the corona virus originated from labs in China's Wuhan state is "extremely unlikely", according to reports from a joint mission investigating the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and contrary to what Trump's racist propaganda that he wanted to push on the world.
So in only two days we got further confirmation on how Trump had really lost it, maybe he never had it in the first place.

The impeachment trial is a desperate attempt by USA lawmakers to sanitize their system from a mad disease that they themselves had allowed to run wild for four years. However, the damage is already done, Trump's term in office was an eye-opener to most as it showed the true picture of America and how it views the world.

Most times the USA likes to take the high moral ground and execute their self-appointed big brother role on the world all the while in the background and in the shadows they steal, cheat, bully the world and rob weaker nations. This magic act of misdirection had worked so well for so long, some like our misguided African opposition leaders actually believed this façade, that is until Trump came along and showed the world how rotten the USA was at its core.

Trump was not an accidental president, the USA's 45th president was duly elected by a majority who believed in him and his vision for America and the world, and that vision was, as he said, making America great again (maga). In many ways the maga movement's loss of direction and overzealousness mirror that of the local chete chete Chamisa movement, but thats a story for another day.

The American smokescreen machine was blown away when Trump got into office and the world finally saw the true monster masquerading as the world's saints and protectors. Trump was corrupt and racists both characteristics the USA would like the world to believe are non-existent in them while they are and have always been in the USA's DNA. The country after all was founded by a bunch of slave owners, like George Washington, and their civil war was all about those who wanted to maintain the slave trade for the sake of making a few dollars.

Trump's corrupt core was laid bare by his eleventh hour pardoning of 143 fraudsters including his friends like his former campaign chair Steve Bannon who is alleged to have redirected a million of the funds raised to cover his own personal expenses. If this had been done by an African leader the USA would have thrown a tantrum and demanded ‘justice' accusing people left right and centre of corruption.

It is no secret that most of Trump's supporters and benefactors are racists white supremacist who believe blacks and other minority groups have no place in ‘their' democracy. That is probably why Trump tried to build a physical wall between USA and Mexico to keep out the undesirables.

As the US Senate starts its impeachment trial to punish Trump for showing the world the true USA, people must never forget what Trump showed us and how rotten the USA truly is. This is a worthwhile to African opposition political leaders like Nelson Chamisa and Bobi Wine who are quick to believe whatever nonsense the USA feeds us.
The likes of Hopewell Chin'ono are the tools used by America to keep the wool over our eyes as they try to portray the African leaders as corrupt and inferior while they themselves are not so perfect and are even worse and detrimental to world peace and the survival of basic human rights.

Before Chin'ono and company start to sing happy tunes as directed by their pay masters they should know that it was African leaders who had to fight for human rights and the likes of Britain and USA will never accept African leaders to be their equals.

Thank you mr Trump for exposing the USA for the hypocrites they truly are.

Source - Charles Motsi
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