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Has farming in Zimbabwe become so sexy?

19 Feb 2021 at 07:10hrs | Views
A NEW refreshing dimension has come into farming. On social media one witnesses a revolution that the country never anticipated. More and more young people are posting their work on the farms on online platforms with pride. Interestingly, most of the crop of new young farmers are young women in their 20s and 30s, dapper in the latest apparel.

What does this mean? Is the born-free generation finally rising to claim their place in the country's agro-based economy? That's very interesting in another important way.

The generation that came immediately before them hated farming. This was the generation that was raised by their peasant parents in the arid communal lands where farming was such a hassle. They threw themselves into education hoping to join the civil service which was considered the pinnacle of achievement. But to their credit most of them fought the liberation war. But even after the war ended they didn't plunge themselves into farming.

Not the new generation! How they discovered that the money was in the farming is a wonder. It very likely came out of their association with their white counterparts in mixed school where they realised just how rich the white farmers were from the land.

Most white children didn't bother pursuing university education instead going back to their parents' farms after school and becoming rich.

The new brigade has taken up the challenge. It is this generation that should now get land.

Farming will never be the same again!

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